4 star

Megan’s Mark

Breeds, Book #7

By Lora Leigh

ISBN#  9780425209646

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megans-markMegan Fields has been cursed with the power of empathy, but unlike others in her family she didn’t get the ability until her late teens, and so did not have the years of childhood to perfect building shields against it as most empaths do.  Instead the onslaught of people’s malicious thoughts and feelings flood her with pain, completely debilitating her.  She thought she could get past it when going after her dream career of being in law enforcement, but on her final assignment at the academy her inability to get past the barrage of emotions from others caused her to freeze up, and nearly got her instructor killed.  After that, she moved back home, to the desert she loves, to take a menial patrol job with her cousin.

But when something isn’t quite right on one of her patrols, her need for adventure takes over and she dives right in.  But she quickly finds herself in danger, and having to barrel into help from an unlikely source, Braden Arness, a Lion Breed. And, when it’s clear that someone is out to hunt and kill Megan, Braden will move Heaven and Earth to keep her safe, even if his help is unwanted!

“You have a claim on her, Jacobs? I think I might like to keep her.”

But once the mating heat takes hold, there is little Megan can do to resist Braden’s charms, not for lack of trying though!  But in the midst of their mating, will Megan be able to learn how to use her abilities and figure out who is after her and why?  Will Braden be able to protect the woman he loves with his whole heart, body, and soul?

I found that I really enjoyed this installment of the Breeds series.  As we get further and further into the series, I’m finding that the stories have more and more plot weaved in with the desperate and carnal sex scenes.  A trend I’m happy to see, as I do need some story with my smut!

I think the best thing this particular story had going for it was the great characters.  I really enjoyed Braden and Megan.

Braden had a fun jovial way about him that came off as confident, charming, and cocky all at once!  The cocky bastards always get me:)  He seems more rational and mellow then the other Breed males up to this point, which I found refreshing.  Guess they’re getting with the times:) Don’t get me wrong, he does stick to the Lora Leigh formula for a dominant male that does have a few jerkish moments, but he’s not nearly as bad as some of the guys in earlier books.  Either that or I’ve just gotten used to it so it doesn’t bother me as much anymore.  But overall I thought he was great and I loved his protectiveness and the way he could joke around with his mate and not be bothered by her assertiveness, even when his superior voiced his displeasure in the way Megan behaved.

A lot of the female leads in books like this bore me.  They all tend to be cut from the same cloth and are pretty forgettable.  But not Megan!  She is one tough cookie!  She lives for danger, but has had to deny it all these years.  But with Braden’s help she can do all the things she never could before.  She also has an obsession with weapons that some might think is unhealthy, but does come in handy when someone is trying to snuff out your life!  I also liked that she stood up to her mate, she earned his respect, and was truly his equal … even after the whole ‘I lead, you follow’ crap from Braden. Insert eye roll …

right about …


Like I said this couple wasn’t perfect, but I really enjoyed them and did NOT want to put this book down!  It left me panting for more!

“You’re fucking crazy,” he finally said, as though just realizing that. Hell, he had been with her how long now? Surely forever. And he was just now seeing that? Poor guy, he was just slow.”

I’m excited to see what happens with Jonas now and to see what the leaked test results will mean for not only Jonas, but all the other Breeds as well, and it sounds rather likely it will have a huge impact on Braden and Megan!