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How much do we love Sanctuary‘s Amanda Tapping? A lot more since we’ve heard about her new charitable foundation, “Sanctuary for Kids,” designed to support charities that provide aid to children in crisis.


To kick-start the foundation, Tapping will auction off a set visit, props and other items from the Syfy series Sanctuary this month.

New Not-for-Profit Foundation, SANCTUARY FOR KIDS, launched by TV Actor / Executive Producer Amanda Tapping

Foundation will raise funds for children in crisis by auctioning rare props, set visits and ‘priceless’ items from sci-fi TV series Sanctuary.

Sanctuary for Kids was inspired by the sci-fi TV series Sanctuary, for which Amanda Tapping is Executive Producer and the series lead actor. The foundation will harness the tremendous and supportive sci-fi community and provide access to rare and experience-based online auction items from Sanctuary to raise funds for children’s charities. The first auction will take place November 12 – 22, 2009.

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I would love to meet Amanda Tapping! And it’s so great to see organizations like this and celebrities doing charity work for the sake of charity rather than attention.

What do you think of the auction? Which item would you love to have?