3 Star rating
Mindspace Investigations, Book #3
By Alex Hughes
ISBN#  9780451466938
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marked-mindspace-investigations-alex-hughesAdam Ward is back in the third installment of Alex Hughes’s Mindspace Investigations series.  Adam is finally recovering from his mind injury and is freelancing for the Atlanta PD as an interrogator.  He gets to work with Cherabino, who is anxiously waiting for the link Adam accidentally made to fade, as he promised it would.

But when Adam’s ex calls on him for help to find who murdered her uncle, he can’t refuse her.  But it puts him in the thick of things with the Guild, an organization that he swore he would never get tangled up with again.  But when they realize that they need Adam’s help, he will be lucky to leave with his life and mind intact.

I liked Adam in the previous installment of the series, Sharp, something about the flawed characters trying to do good that I always relate to and like.  His internal dialogue can be pretty entertaining at times.

“I didn’t like apologizing–it felt like rehab every time–but I also didn’t like hearing her crying. Even all these years later. It stabbed me in the heart. “What’s wrong? What’s going on?”

“There was a death in the family yesterday morning,” Kara said quietly, in a voice that shook just a little.

“I am so sorry. Do you need me to come over?” Crap, the husband wasn’t going to be a fan of the old fiance coming over. What else did you offer in these situations? “I can help with arrangements.” Wait. That was even worse. Crap, I was terrible at this.”

But I found the story flowed much better in this installment.  There was action and mystery, even a little romance and it all coalesced into a wonderful mix that I really enjoyed.

It’s sad to see how Swartz’s health is still going downhill, despite the sacrifices that Adam has made to ensure he has the best medical care possible.  Swartz just really seemed down in this installment and alone, it was incredibly sad.  And, I don’t know how it will affect Adam if he loses him, but I know it won’t be good!

It’s interesting to see how Adam and Cherabino’s relationship is evolving.  I like what I’m seeing so far and I want to see more!  This duo definitely has some potential, but it won’t be easy for either party; a perfect example of give and take.

This book also gives us a better look at the Guild and the downward spiral they seem to be taking.  They just seem so unethical and divided amongst themselves.  I thought for sure they were going to try to bring Adam into the council.  I’m waiting to see how they pull him in next, I’m sure they won’t hesitate to use Jacob to real him in.

Overall I think this series is improving slowly, but surely and I’m optimistic about the next installment.