Chapters 9-15

Zoey was really impressed by the amazing “dining hall” her new school had, it was definitely better than the one back at SIHS’s. Tables filled with kids, already eating, turned immediately to see her and Stevie Rae when they came in, obviously curious about her full mark. She was glad to know that they didn’t have to eat raw meat or drink blood, but instead there were a variety of delicious meals where to choose from. Stevie Rae introduced her to her friends Erin Bates and Shaunee Cole, who with no blood relationship considered themselves twins, and she also introduced her to Damien Maslin.

Zoey learned more about Aphrodite and the Dark Daughters, who were like a sorority in charge of the school spirit. Without noticing, out of nowhere Aphrodite and her followers appeared, surprising the group. Aphrodite thought that it was a good idea for Zoey to join the Dark Daughters since it was clear there was something special with her. The twins were really mad at Aphrodite and how she always treated them, going as far as to kick her butt, but Stevie Rae reminded them about the penalty for fighting. Zoey didn’t want to attend the Dark Daughters ritual but since Neferet had approved of it she had no choice but to go. For a moment Zoey remembered her stepfather and friends and thought how alike the Dark Daughters must have been to them.

Changing the subject, Damien explained what the symbols that they wore on their clothes were, telling her that the spiral was for third formers; the three women were the three Fates, children of Nyx, symbolizing the end of school for the sixth formers; the Wings of Eros, who was the child of Nyx’s seed was a fourth former symbol; and, the fifth formers had Nyx’s golden chariot pulling a trail of stars. Walking back to their room, Zoey learned more about her new friends and the healthy way of eating at the House of Night. If you started getting weak and sick it meant your body was rejecting the change with no other choice but to die. Later that evening Zoey woke up after dreaming of cats, got changed and Stevie Rae gave her, her schedule which had a date of five days before being marked. The girls had breakfast and before heading off to class Aphrodite reminded Zoey of the Full Moon ritual.

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What do you think the penalty for fighting in the House of Night is that it made the twins go pale?

The twins joking used the phrase “welcome to hell high”; do you think they had any idea of the things that were coming to them?

What ability do you think the elder vampyres have that let them know everything that goes around school?

How do you feel about so many famous people being vampyres in the House of Night books?

Which famous actor or singer would you make a House of Night vampyre?

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Do you think there is something special between Zoey and Erik?

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