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Mad About the Man

The Graysons, Book #3

By Tracy Anne Warren

ISBN: 9780451466150

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After a devastating love affair broke her heart—and derailed her career—it’s taken Brie a while to recover. Now she’s back at a top New York City law firm, determined to rise above it all. And she’ll have to—especially when a major new client turns out to be the boy who made the seventh grade a living hell.

Luxury hotel magnate Maddox Monroe has clawed his way out of the ruins of his former life to build an empire. He knows what he wants and how to get it. But he couldn’t have anticipated reconnecting with the girl of his boyhood fantasies—all grown up and more alluring than ever.

But once Maddox breaks through Brie’s barriers to find the fiery woman hidden underneath, will lust lead to something lasting? Or will past heartache and fresh betrayals tear their future apart before it even has a chance to begin?


For a long time Brie Grayson didn’t think about the boy that torment her during adolescence to the point where she had to change schools. Now, years later, she is an attorney in one the best law firms in New York, and will do anything to be turned into a partner. She is told to have a golf match with a potential client while her coworker tries to get the deal. This is how she meets M.J. Maddox, the billionaire hotel owner that every firm is trying to get, but he addresses her like “Brie Brie”, making her blood turn cold and all those forgotten memories come back full with anger. In an attempt to scare Maddox, the boy tormentor now turns into a man, she accidentally hits him in the face with a ball. Fearing the worst, the next day at work believing that she it’s getting fired, she learns instead that the firm got Maddox’s account with the condition that she will be the attorney and also be named partner. When confronting Maddox about why he made her partner, he reveals that he always had a crush on her and seeing her again renew those old feelings.

I liked this story from the start, the characters were funny and it had great scenes. Mad About the Man is like the stories where the guy tries to win the affection of the girl, and the girl tries to do everything in her power to not fall for him, but when the conflict presents itself it’s when the story gets more interesting and it grabs the attention of the reader.

The scene where Brie hits Maddox in the face and the after match were great. I was surprised that he made her a partner in his deal, but I was a little disappointed that her coworker only got mad at her and was not an antagonist later on. The story doesn’t have an actual villain or antagonist, it’s more like they are their own enemies.  But in the end, they learn to trust each other and have a good relationship.

I liked how Brie didn’t forgive right away Maddox for the lie and how she tried to be strong for herself. And how Maddox fought harder for her forgiveness and love.

The characters that I liked were Brie’s family, they all seem to be unique and odd at the same time. Her mother and sister had funny scenes that made me laugh. But the Grayson family is not always happy, sometimes people get sick and the whole family has to be strong for those family members. It was so heartbreaking the Christmas scene and when Brie’s sister-in-law died.

In this story, the fans of Tracy Anne Warren’s previous book can see again some of the characters from the other two titles. Small glimpses here and there show how the have couples been since their stories, and even show new family members for future books.

Mad About the Man, is a very romantic story that can capture the attention of the readers with the twists and turns of the relationship that Brie and Maddox build over the course the book. It’s funny when it needs to be and sad when it need to show how human the characters can be.

If you are a fan of Tracy Anne Warren and her Graysons series, I recommend you read Mad About the Man. Here two people are reunited after many years, they re-meet and fall in love, and learn to trust their hearts.