Lyn Benedict
Sins & Shadows
Shadows Inquiries, Book #1

Review Brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

Sylvie is a private investigator involving all things paranormal.  But after witnessing her partner being killed, she has decided to retire and close up shop.  But then Kevin Dunne, the God of Justice shows up with a case and refuses to take no for an answer.  His lover, Bran, has been kidnapped and he expects Sylvie to find him.

Sylvie’s search leads her to the Windy City of Chicago and to an active spell that was painted on the floor of an El station that was keyed to capture Bran.  Now Sylvie must find out who cast the spell and how to get Bran back.  In the meantime Dunne’s magic is shedding, causing strange things to happen all over the place and he has to fight off Zeus who wants him back on Mount Olypmpus.

I thought the synopsis of this book sounded interesting, but I had a hard time immersing myself in it.  It had its moments, but for the most part I struggled on reading it.  It just seemed weighted down with words and I kept finding other things to do instead of reading it.  It was an annoyingly slow read for me.

I do have the next two books of the series on hand and I am going to attempt to read them both.  I just hope they read a bit easier than this one.