If you enjoy reading about bloodsucking teenagers with fashion sense, meet author Luciene Diver.

Diver is giving a talk at the Leesburg and Tavares libraries Wednesday on her teen literature series “Vamped,” about a high school fashion-obsessed Valley girl named Gina Covello, who wakes up to discover she’s now a member of the undead with a taste for blood.

“She’s definitely a Valley vamp,” Diver said.

The fang-weilding vampiress must now navigate the social world of high school with her new-found strengths and weaknesses — superhuman strength, getting over her addiction to tanning in the sun and learning to primp and preen without a mirror.

“She’s a fashionista and a little bit shallow,” said Diver about the character she created.

Diver said the book is geared toward ages 12 to 18. Many readers in their 20s and 30s have latched on to the story, she said.

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I would go and listen to any author talks about vampires. It fascinates me. I wonder where they got their ideas. What do you think? Have you read any of her books?