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Manny Manello  is at the racetrack watching his young horse race and right as she’s about to take the lead, she suffers a terrible tragedy.  The vets think he should put her down, but after losing Jane only a year ago, he can’t stand the thought of losing another one of his girls.  So he has her taken to an off-site hospital and watches as the vet operates.

Meanwhile, Jane is out searching for Manny to bring him back to the Brotherhood compound, so he can treat Payne.  Vishous is a nervous wreck waiting for word from her and worrying about both Payne and Jane.  Payne asks V to end her life if the doctor can’t fix her.

Jane eventually finds Manny at her grave.  She convinces him to come back to the compound.  V meets them at the garage.  After some convincing by Jane, he gives Manny his memories back from the time V was in the trauma unit at the hospital that Manny and Jane worked at.

Manny looks over Payne and instantly knows why he’s never fallen in love, he was waiting for her.  He feels that she is his, but doesn’t know why.  Manny has a hard time looking over Payne with protective V breathing down his neck…see complete summary here


“You will not live through this if she does not.”-Vishous


“V squeezed the surgeon’s collar trash-bag tight. “You are not taking her anywhere–”

The hand on V’s shoulder was heavy, and Wrath’s voice had an edge like a dagger. “And you’re not in charge here. She’s my responsibility, not yours.”

Wrong thing to say. On so many levels.

“She is my blood,” he snarled.

“And I’m the one who put her on that bed.”–Wrath & Vishous

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Discussion questions:

What did you think about the opening of this story?  Do you think it was a good way to introduce Xcor and his vendetta?  Why do you think the Bloodletter was accepting of Xcor and not Vishous?

What did you think of V’s behavior when it came to Payne and then when Manny was brought to the compound?

What did you think about Manny and Payne’s first reactions to one another?

Earlier in the series V called Manny Brother and didn’t know why and now Manny is having the vampire tendencies of bonded males…what do you think this means?  Do you think he’s somehow related to someone already in the story?

Thoughts on Vishous going back to his penthouse?

If you had been Manny at the cemetery and the woman you thought was dead came out of nowhere and wanted you to come with her…would you?

Overall thoughts of the prologue and first eleven chapters?

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Who would you cast if Lover Unleashed was a movie?  Who would make a good Vishous? Payne? Manny? Come tell us here