Layla comes to Qhuinn asking to take his vein.  He obliges her and while she’s feeding he has an image of a girl that looks like Layla, but with his mismatched eyes.

Manny decides to leave town.  Payne arrives as he’s finishing packing, excited to tell him her news that they can see each other.  But he tells her about his test results and how his body is regenerating itself and how it’s not natural.  She leaves, devastated.

As she’s wondering around town, she smells lesser and runs to them.  She finds a hubcab and kills the two lessers.  But somebody is watching her, Xcor and his men.  And as another group of lessers arrives she is captured by Xcor and is also shot by a lesser.

What did you think about Manny trying to push Payne away and leave town?

What do you think of how Xcor reacted to Payne’s revelation?

Thoughts on Butch and Manny?

What did you think of Payne’s homecoming and Manny’s gift to her?

Overall thoughts on the book?

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