Lover Unleashed: Chapters 36-47

Manny and Payne leave the Brotherhood compound.  Wrath instructs her to scrub his memories clean and leave him, when they’re done.  Manny takes Payne to see Glory.  Payne bonds with the horse and glows over Glory’s leg.  It completely wipes her out and Manny carries her out to the car, where she asks to take his vein.  He feeds her and she gets intimate with him.  Then someone knocks on the window and holds Manny at gunpoint.  Payne ends up disarming the man and roughing him up.  Manny calls the police so Payne leaves, leaving his memories in tact.

Butch and V go to V’s penthouse for a session.  But Butch doesn’t hurt him physically but uses more mental torture, making V think he’s reliving his castration until Vishous faints.  Then he cleans him up, puts him to bed and calls Jane.

Jane comes and when V wakes up her and him make up and V decides that he is going to be more open instead of keeping everything bottled up inside.

What do you think will happen now that Payne’s glow is affecting Manny?

Will Manny ever come to live at the Brotherhood Compound?

What did you think about V talking to Wrath for Payne?

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