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Butch and Jane think V should be home by now and they’re getting worried. Butch says he will go find Vishous. Butch finds V allowing 3 lessers to beat him up. Butch intervenes and takes care of the attackers.

Payne is stuck as she recovers so she images what it would be like to kiss Manny. Jane comes to check up on Payne and they discuss V and the difficulty getting close to him. Jane asks Payne what their father (The Bloodletter) was like and Payne’s tells her he was a devil and that’s why she killed him.

Qhuinn recalls, in great detail, the night and his feeding. He works out to exhaust himself because he doesn’t want to deal with reality.

See the forum for the full summary and come share your answers to the below questions and any other thoughts you’re having about he book!!

Discussion Questions:

What do you think of the way Manny handled Payne’s depression?

Do you think V is being too hard on Jane?

What do you think of Payne sitting up, but not realizing it?

How are you enjoying the story so far? Any ideas on what’s next?