Chapter 19
by Chris


The beginning of this chapter we are lead to Susie’s mother, whom has been working at Krusoe Winery. Abigail comes in and finds a written note left for her, just saying ‘emergency’ she immediately called back home to Pennsylvania, but no answer. Luckily she reaches Ruana Singh and is informed that an ambulance came to her old home a few hours ago. Abigail learns that her husband has had a heart attack, and the caretaker of the winery drove her to the airport to fly her home.

Abigail had a long flight ahead of her and she fought hard not to recall her former life of a mother and a wife. When she got of the plane, she found a stranger that is her daughter with her new fiance. At first, she didn’t notice her youngest child, Buckley sitting there looking everywhere but at his estranged mother. Lindsey seemed to be polite at possible, but all of this was too awkward to be standing in front of her mother that has been gone for years. Abigail showed a moment of remorse and regret, and said 4 small words that made a lot of things clear to her daughter, that she had lied about leaving, that she had in fact been with Len, and that she ran away from everything. The car ride to the hospital was full of emotions, none of them pleasant, especially when Buckley tells his mother to *beep* off.

Questions for consideration:

1. Why do you think Abigail reacted the way she did, like shocked into utter silence? Because her estranged husband is sick, or maybe she is feeling some guilt at this point?

2. Do you see everything Abigail admitted too when she said that she had lied to Lindsey? Do you think Lindsey should forgive her?

3. Buckley is very cold to his mother and makes no excuse how he really feels about her – do you imagine he is finally showing the emotions that have been bottled up in him since he was 4 years old. Is Abigail all to blame or do the other family members play a part?

4. What are you hoping that will happen with Abigail and Jack? Ironically, Grandma Lynn can be the glue, that in times held this family together, why do you think the old nutty alcoholic could do that task?

Chapter 20
by Chris


Mr. Harvey has been having a hard time; he has been going back to his mother’s ways, by stealing. He hasn’t settled anywhere fearing his capture, he skips around the country, stealing and saving anything he needs. We leave him sleeping next to an old grave…

Len walks through life watching the vulnerable women around him, from young girls like Susie to the helpless elderly. When he sees these young women that live another day, he is incredibly grateful but also feels sadness, because danger always lurks around the corner for them. Recently Susie’s file had no new evidence, except for a few small things turned up; the dead mother of a biker Sophie Cichetti and Susie’s Pennsylvania keystone charm. The charm has been very important, and his guilt of never bringing Susie’s body home, has made him to decide to return the charm to Jack.

Questions for consideration:

1. Mr. Harvey seems to be digging up some of his dark past, why do think that is, and what will happen because of it?

2. Abigail seems to finally acknowledge her role as a wife and a mother, do you think she is finally going to give up on her running?

3. What will happen next for Jack and Abigail? Since he is finally admitting things and accepting them, do you think that they can move forward from here, or is it too late?

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