Lovely Bones Book Club – Chapter Summary 7 – 9
by Katie

Susie’s little brother Buckley and his friend Nate are playing out in the backyard when Buckley mentions that he has “seen” Susie. Quickly Buckley changes the subject and tells Nate that he has something to show him. The sneak into Susie’s old room and reveals a twig that was under the bed. As Susie watched them from above she recalled what happened and how she saved her brothers life. While in Heaven Susie truly wonders if Buckley can see her.

Mr. Harvey has dreamed of buildings for months, but the nightmares of women and children had come back. The only way he could put those to rest, were to look through his father’s sketchbook. This only brought back memories of the day his dad kicked his mother out of their car, never to be seen again.


“Where do you think imaginary friends came from?” – Franny

“She’s gone now son, she won’t be coming back.” – Mr. Harvey’s Father

“Kids Hate Me!” – Grandma Lynn

“Oh no. She may get you to drink, but she’s not getting those instruments of torture near me!” – Abigail

“My God in Heaven, Praise the Lord yes!” – Grandma Lynn


Why do you think they retold the story of how Buckley choked on a stick?

Why would Susie keep the stick?

Do you think Mr. Harvey turned into the man he is today because of his mother leaving?

What could be the point of talking about Mrs. Utemeyer?

Do you think the Salmon family just felt defeated and that’s why they let Grandma Lynn do what she wanted to them?

Does Abigail really feel like its Clarissa’s fault Susie is gone? Or does she just need someone to blame?

Are there any other things you’d like to discuss about these chapters?

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