Chapter 17 – by Chris


Lindsey and Samuel are traveling back to Lindsey’s house that night after graduation. They both are riding on Samuel’s motorcycle and it begins to rain very hard, so they decide to pull of the side of the road. As they share a sweet moment, Susie observes how they are meant for each other. Being soaked, they hike to find some shelter from the pounding rains. They come upon a Victorian house that appears to be abandon with it’s broken windows and run down look, but at this point neither care because the house promises dryness. As Samuel and Lindsey made into the old broken house, Susie made a quick check of the rooms to insure that nothing scary lurks there.

Samuel is amazed by this old house, and how the lot hasn’t been turned into another strip mall, just like Susie. He takes Lindsey around to explore the rest of the ancient house, he notices that the flooring is very expensive type of wood, and that this place was built sometime after 1860’s. Samuel observes that the plaster used in the old house, its very thick and sturdy, saying casually that you could ‘wall someone up in here’. This brings Susie to once again wondering if her death and disappearance would be brought up and talked about, Lindsey did feel like her sister was there, and remembered but did not mention it.

Samuel decides this house needs him, he is drawn to the beautiful design and the unique potential it held. Lindsey and him step into the room and he begins to explains some more of the architecture. But the conversation quickly changes, and Susie knows that her time exploring with them is up, and they need some privacy.

Susie makes it back to her fathers house, in his den he is thinking and once again playing with the snow globe. Buckley comes to summon him to the waiting guests downstairs, he requests a few extra minutes. The day has brought on some emotion and he wants to go over the very last set of pictures, Susie had taken. This roll had been many snapshots of her mother, and her father was having a hard time conceiving how he has fell out of love and how he doesn’t know his wife at all. But with Susie’s pictures, he has been able to stare at his wife, and slowly remember why and who she is. He sees that the three different snapshots of her, so her mask of emotion she has worn for him in the past…he begins to see what he had done.

Samuel and Lindsey lay together in the house, as the storm blows over. Samuel consumed by the passion he feels for this house, and his love for Lindsey, proposes to her. He declares that he loves her, wants to marry her, and make this house beautiful and their home. Lindsey said yes, and Susie was elated with joy, because this is all she ever wanted for her sister. Lindsey remembers that her father must be worried, so Samuel and her take off back to her home, running.

They get back to Susie’s house, and Samuel reveals that he has asked Lindsey to marry him. The family rejoices with toast of champagne, Susie observes for awhile until Buckley catches her watching he sees the same girl that died that day 8 years ago, then Susie leaves..

Characters: Lindsey, Susie, Samuel, Hal, Jack, Grandma Lyn, Buckley

Places: The Victorian House, Salmon’s Home

Memorable Quotes:

1. He had been falling in love all over again. – Susie page 239
2.I’m tired of doing all the right things. Marry me and I’ll make this house gorgeous. – Samuel page 240
3. It was only a moment, and then I was gone. – Susie page 245

Questions for consideration:

1. Do you feel bad for Susie’s father in this situation? Do you think his wife should of left? How could he of done things differently?

3. What do you think it means that Lindsey and Samuel are moving forward in their relationship? Is this a tale-tale sign that things are changing and people are moving on?

3. For one of the first times, we see Susie experience this loneliness of death, it’s not always fun, how hard do you think ti would be to watch your family grow and change without you?

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