Chapter 13
by Erin & Rose


Lindsey goes back to school in the fall, not only the sister of the murdered girl, but the daughter of a “crackpot”. Buckley began kindergarten and fell in love with his teacher because she treated him differently-the sister of the murdered girl.

After Mr. Salmon’s surgery he begins to recuperate, and Buckley is so interested in his “fake knee” that the two begin to bond. Meanwhile Mrs. Salmon begins to live two lives: the one were she enjoys being a mother and focusing on her children and the other where she thinks about Len.

Mr. Salmon began staying home more, using his knee as an excuse. His boss was beginning to treat him differently. He set his return date back to work for December 2, so he would be there by the anniversary of Susie’s disappearance. He wanted to be distracted and to get away from Mrs. Salmon.

Lindsey was continuing the beauty regime her grandmother gave her and Mr. Salmon tries to carry Buckley on his back again. While practicing this, the boys walk in on Lindsey trying to shave her legs. He sends Buckley to his room and teaches Lindsey how to shave. They start to talk about Susie and George Harvey. Lindsey asks if he believes Harvey did it and he tells her there’s no doubt in his mind. Lindsey asks why he doesn’t tell the cops to arrest Harvey, and Mr. Salmon tells her they can’t without evidence of something to link Harvey to Susie. They silently agree that Lindsey should break into Harvey’s house.


How do you think Lindsey is coping with going back to school?

What do you think about Mr. Salmon agreeing that Lindsey should break into Harvey’s house?

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