The Lovely Bones Book Club – Chapter 10
Summary by Katie

The annual statewide gifted symposium was here again. Lindsey noticed all of the gifted cliques starting already. There where the science nerds, math brains, history heads, and the masters. Lindsey was just a floater but her boyfriend Samuel was a master.

Ruth sometimes couldn’t tell if Lindsey and Samuel where dating. They never held hands or passed notes. However, they did sit together at lunch, and Samuel sometimes walked her home from school. But that was about it. Ruth had never really talked to Lindsey but at camp she decided that now was better than never and she had the perfect way to start a conversation. She asked Lindsey why she had a fish on her name tag. This set Lindsey off and that was the end of their talk. Ruth spent all of her time thinking about Susie; how she saw her one night in the parking lot and how she touched her. She wrote every one of her thoughts down in her journal.

It was the last week of symposium and everyone was getting ready for the final project. Samuel and Lindsey starting making up plans to the moose trap they where making.

Susie walked around her Heaven until she had gone too far. She had reached the spot where she was killed. Susie wanted answers, but Franny told her that in order to be set free she would have to give up on Earth.


“This is not Susie, for Christssakes!” – Ruth’s Mom

“Lets build a mouse trap with a little velvet couch in it and we can rig up a latch so that when they sit on the couch a door drops down and little balls of cheese drops down.” – Lindsey

“You can be free, simply put you have to give up on Earth.” – Franny

“More than anyone will ever know.” – Lindsey


Why do you think Ruth asked Lindsey about the fish? Even though she knew who Lindsey was.

Do you think Ruth is trying to be Susie?

Is it a coincidence that the final project was switched to such a personal subject for Lindsey?

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