LOVE VAMPIRES? CHECK OUT THESE FANG-TASTIC SONGS posted the following list yesterday: We have covered movies, lore, books, history and such on this site, so it’s time we got to the music. The massive list below has songs about vampires, songs that are vampire-themed, some that mention vampires, songs from vampire movies… and yea, you get the point.

1. Jay Gordon: Slept So Long – This rock song is from the vampire movie ‘Queen of the Damned’. It is one fantastic song out of an awesome soundtrack created by Korn’s front man Jonathan Davis.

2. Voltaire: The Vampire Club – A funny song by the goth man Voltaire. The lyrics are loads of fun and they make you smile. The perfect song for someone who wants a break from the serious angst ridden vampire songs.

3. Marilyn Manson: If I Was Your Vampire – You can’t have a dark song list and not have Manson in it. This song draws you in with its slow haunting sound and before you know it you’re swaying your hips to the beat.

4. Paramore: I Caught Myself – Hayley, Paramore’s leading lady has such a powerful voice you can’t help but be mesmerized by it. This song was written specifically for the Twilight soundtrack.

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What a cool list! I don’t think they missed anything, do you?

What are your fave Vampire songs?