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With Lost hurtling towards its series finale, the cast and writers of the show appeared at this year’s Paleyfest armed with answers, spoilers and teases – As well as a promise we’re sure they can’t keep. You’ve been warned!

At last night’s panel, part of the 27th annual William S. Paley Television Festival in LA, the show’s creators talked about what a Disney – which owns ABC, the network that Lost airs on – park Lost ride would be like (Damon Lindelof imagined “a dark room in which you spin around repeatedly before getting hit in the face”), potential spin-offs (Writer Eddy Kitsis joked about a show about a real estate broker trying to sell property on the island) and an unexpected attitude towards post-finale publicity: Co-Showrunner Carlton Cuse told the audience that they do not plan to comment on the finale once it’s been broadcast.

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Won’t? There shouldn’t be a word in this title called won’t. They should reveal everything! Interesting tidbit about Jack’s last name. It is so obvious it flew right over my head. Had you figured out the Lostie last names were a clue? Spill it. Tell us your thoughts. Remember to come back to the OBS Forum after Lost airs to discuss the Recap & Review.