Lauren Davis of io9.com has an interesting write up on Lost, Supernatural and more:


Starting in the fourth episode of the sixth season, Lost will feature a recurring character, a teenage boy who has dealt with a horrible family accident and has been put in charge of something important, something that weighs heavily on him. He’s also described as “wise beyond his years.” Could this be the younger version of a character we’ve already met? An older version of Aaron?


In the images for the season’s third episode “Free to be You and Me,” Dean and Castiel pose as FBI agents, and we get our first look at Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer. Evidently, it was Casual Friday in Hell:

True Blood

HBO has put together a teaser trailer for Sunday’s season finale:

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Woot! I’m so excited for almost all of these. Lost is one of my all time faves.

Which are your favorites?