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Brought to you by OBS Staff member Katlyn.

Season 1 Review, by Katlyn

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Synopsis: The initial season had fourteen major roles getting star billing, making it American television’s largest cast at the time of the series’ debut. Naveen Andrews portrayed former Iraqi Republican Guard Sayid Jarrah. Emilie de Ravin played the pregnant Australian Claire Littleton. Until later in the season, de Ravin is only credited in the episodes that she appears in. Matthew Fox acted as the troubled surgeon, leader of the group and protagonist Jack Shephard. Jorge Garcia portrayed Hugo “Hurley” Reyes, an unlucky lottery winner. Maggie Grace played Shannon Rutherford, a former dance teacher. Josh Holloway acted as con man James “Sawyer” Ford. Yunjin Kim played Sun-Hwa Kwon, the daughter of a powerful Korean businessman and mobster, with Daniel Dae Kim as her husband Jin-Soo Kwon. Evangeline Lilly portrayed fugitive Kate Austen. Dominic Monaghan acted as an ex-rock star drug addict Charlie Pace. Harold Perrineau portrayed construction worker Michael Dawson, while child actor Malcolm David Kelley acted as his young son, Walt Lloyd. Ian Somerhalder played Boone Carlyle, chief operating officer of his mother’s wedding business and step brother of Shannon. Terry O’Quinn played the mysterious John Locke.

Every time I hear that someone doesn’t watch Lost because they don’t “get” it, I ALWAYS say, ‘You have to start from the beginning!’. I was not a fan of the show because first I started halfway through the second season and I was totally lost, no pun intended. But when I heard how so many people loved the show I decided to give it a shot and started from the beginning, and now I am hooked! There are many small details about each person on the island that are only noticed as the seasons progress, and details about the island itself are revealed very slowly throughout.

The highlights of this season are the characters. Each episode revolves around a character from the crash. Characters pasts and their relationships to each other are revealed in each episode. The best part of these revelations is that people are not always who they seem to be, and it is great fun seeing who these people were before their life was completely altered.

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