‘Lost’ abandons last week’s story line to focus on John Locke. The episode begins with Locke after he has left the airport.

Recap & Review: Lost S6 Episode 4 ‘The Substitute’

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Locke arrives home from the airport, and has trouble with the lift on his van and falls, wheelchair and all, onto his lawn. Helen his fiancé comes rushing out to help him. Later, Helen finds Jack Shepard’s business card in Locke’s clothes and she gets excited. She suggests to Locke that he call him, for what are the odds that he ran into a spinal surgeon at the airport. She tells him it must destiny.

We see the smoke monster’s point of view, traveling on the island, through the trees onto the Dharma housing village. Then it is in the forest and comes across a machete. We see Locke pick it up.  He cuts down a trap and Richard Alpert drops out.  Locke tells Richard it is time to talk.

John Locke arrives at work.  He gets called out by boss, Randy, that he never attended the conference in Australia; the main reason his company flew him there. Randy asks where he went instead and Locke tells him it’s personal. Randy fires him on the spot.

Richard asks Other Locke why he looks like Locke. Other Locke tells him John Locke was a candidate and he wanted access to Jacob so he chose him. Richard asks what he means by candidate.  Other Locke tells him that Jacob kept Alpert in the dark and tries to persuade him to come with him if he wants answers.  Richard hesitates and says no. Other Locke sees a vision in the jungle. It’s a young boy who looks like a young Jacob with blood on his hands up to his elbows. However, Richard doesn’t see the boy at all. Locke is spooked and walks away leaving Richard in the jungle.

By the beach, Ilena is inside the cavern where Jacob was killed. She asks Ben what happened to her comrades. He tells her Other Locke killed them and Jacob too. Ben asks her why Other Locke took Richard into the jungle. Ilena tells Ben the Other Locke is recruiting, as she gathers Jacob’s ashes and puts them into a pouch.

Other Locke walks into Sawyer’s old house in the Dharma village and rock music is blaring from a record player. He finds Sawyer in a room, drinking away his troubles. When Sawyer sees him, he comments to him that he thought he was dead. Other Locke says that he is.

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