That week sure went fast. Before you know it Lost will be over. Anyway, let’s get on with it. Here is this weeks Lost Recap and Review.

Recap and Review: Lost S6:E3 ‘What Kate Does’

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Last week left off with Sayid seemingly rising from the dead as everyone looked on in shock. After his reawakening, the American with glasses quickly tells Dogen that Sayid is alive. Sayid asks what happen to him and Jack tells him that he died. Kate and Sawyer huddle by the doorway to the entrance to the Spring, Kate is in disbelief, while Sawyer’s only thought is to plan his escape.

Back to the alternate reality, Kate rushes out of the airport and is in the taxicab, holding the driver at gunpoint, with Claire in the back seat. After they exit the airport, at the next available stop light, the cabbie jumps out forcing Kate to take the wheel.  Kate demands Claire’s wallet and tells her to get out of the cab without the option of taking her things in the trunk.

Jin, Jack and Hurley bring Sayid outside the temple and Sayid asks who are all the other people. Hurley informs him it’s the Others and they caught them, again. Jack points out his gunshot wound is almost completely healed. Dogen emerges and requests Sayid’s presence in private but Jack is against it and wants to come with them. He wants to know who they are and why they are being held there. They assure him all his questions will be answered after they speak with Sayid. Again, Jack puts up a fight, and this time Sawyer comes to his rescue, with his own intentions in mind. Holding a gun at Dogen from a far, he tells everyone he blowing the popsicle stand and escapes by himself.

Two of the Others come over and try to calm the situation, with a loud mouth one holding a gun to Jack’s head. The American asks where Sawyer went to, but Jack has no idea. He tells the Losties that Sawyer’s presence with them is crucial, so Kate and Sun volunteer to track him and bring him back, along with the two of the Others as ‘guards’.

Kate drives to an auto repair shop and threatens the mechanic to help her with the removal of her handcuffs.  The mechanic feels a soft spot for Kate for some reason and assists her willingly and allows her to use the bathroom to change. While Kate opens Claire’s bag to look for clothes, she sees a picture of a pregnant Claire and all these baby items in the bag. Kate reflects on what she has done.

Kate, Jin, and the two Others gear up for their trek to find Sawyer. The loud mouth one quips to Kate that she better not slow them down.  Before they leave, Kate and Jack share a tender moment and he tells her to be careful.

Sayid is flat on a table with his head strapped down. Dogen blows a black power dust over Sayid’s body while Sayid is begging to know what is going on. Dogen then takes an electric shocking device hooks it up to Sayid’s body and proceeds to shock him. As if that weren’t enough, Dogen then pick up a branding iron and brands his skin close to the location of his gunshot wound. After finishing, he is released and the American tells him they did this to him as a test and that he has passed. Sayid is escorted out of the room, as the American says matter of fact to Dogen that he just lied to Sayid.

Kate arrives back to the location she threw Claire out of the taxi and Claire is waiting for a bus. Kate returns Claire’s bags to her then asks where she is headed. Claire explains she was supposed to be picked up at the airport by the adoptive parents of her baby and that is where she is headed. Kate offers to drive her there.

As the two Others, Kate and Jin, trek through the jungle, loud mouth keeps cutting off his fellow Other when he tries answering any questions that Jin poses. The helpful Other notices a trap and stops Kate from springing it. Jin comments it looks like one of Rousseau’s traps and the quiet Other says she has been dead for years; it could not have been hers. Loud mouth tells him to shut up. Kate has had enough of loud mouth at this point, especially when he admits they know each other from three years prior when she knocked him out with a rifle. At this juncture Kate uses this opportunity to use the trap against the Others, rendering them unconscious.

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