The time finally came for the return of the final season of the one of the most anticipated television shows this year and boy was it a doozy.  We are excited to bring you an extensive recap and review for LOST Season 6 – Episode 1 & 2 ‘LA X’.

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Season 6 premiere episode starts off exactly where Season 5 ended. Juliet has fallen down the hatch construction hole and detonates the hydrogen bomb and everything dissolves in a flash of light.

Jack Shepard is looking out the window of an airplane, Oceanic Flight 815.  The flight attendant slips him an extra bottle of booze as she passes and Jack is contemplative in his seat.  Familiar faces are to be seen, as Rose is shown in the seat across from him. The plane starts to shake, just like it ought to. But it calms and the turbulence is over. Things have changed. Or so we think.  After the turbulence, Jack heads to the lavatory and under his collar he sees blood on his neck. After cleaning up he returns to his seat to find Desmond in the aisle seat.  They introduce themselves to one another and Jack questions whether they have met before.

The camera pans to the window and follows a trail down below into the ocean, past fish to familiar objects from the island that come into view, the children’s playground from the Dharma village, the huts, to where it finally rests and shows us the foot of the statue…all deep underwater.

Kate wakes up, in a tree, climbs down to find Miles who has temporarily lost his hearing from the explosion. They find Jack and Sawyer nearby. They are all near the Swan Hatch, no longer just the construction site; it has been built, but blown to smithereens, after Desmond failed to push the buttons in time.  So they are no longer in 1977.

It is apparent that this episode will jump back and forth between the passengers on board Flight 815 and to the characters while they are on the island.

Jack is standing once again by the lavatory, Kate emerges and falls onto him due to turbulence and they pass some pleasantries between them.  Sawyer passes by and bumps into Officer Mars, as Kate hides something under her tray table. Sawyer takes his seat across form Hurley who is being pestered by a man who recognizes him as the owner of Mr. Cluck’s Chicken. When asked Hurley tells the man how he came to own it and says he won the lottery.  Sawyer politely reprimands Hurley for revealing how he came into money and Hurley responds it’s okay for nothing bad happens to him, for he has the best luck.

Meanwhile, back on the island, Jin and Hurley are with a dying Sayid by the van.  Jin tells Hurley that they have skipped in time. They hear the others yelling off in the distance. Jin leaves Hurley with Sayid, to find Sawyer and the others.  Sawyer blames Jack for Juliet’s death and is furious.

Hurley is visited by Jacob who tells him in order to save Sayid he must take him to the ‘temple’ with the hole in the wall and Jin will know where it is. He instructs Hurley to bring the guitar case as well.  Jacob informs Hurley he has died about an hour ago.

Sun and Jin are sitting on the flight. Jin asks Sun what she is looking at. She tells him she thinks it’s great that Rose and Bernard show so much affection for one another. He tells her to button her sweater.

John Locke is looking over the airplane safety manual when two seats over, Boone asks Locke why he was in Australia. Locke tells him he went on a walk-a-bout and Boone is impressed. Boone explains that he went to get his sister to save her from a bad relationship but she didn’t listen to him.

The Other Locke is inside the underground area by the statue, with Benjamin Linus and tells Ben the obvious; Jacob is gone.  Other Locke wants Ben to go outside and get Richard Alpert so he can speak to him.

Outside by the statue Alpert is arguing with Bram, while Frank Lupidis and Jin mull over what is really going on.  Ileana tells Alpert that Jacob invited them. Alpert tells her just because she asked him the question about what is in the shadow of the statue, doesn’t mean she is in charge.

Ben emerges and tells Alpert he is wanted by Other Locke. Alpert pulls Ben towards the trunk, Bram, Ileana and company were hauling though the forest and throws him down to face the real John Locke, who is dead.

Kate hears Juliet beneath the rubble and they try and rescue her. Jin goes to retrieve the van for leverage, so they can lift a heavy piece of metal that traps the entrance.

As Jin is driving back, Hurley questions if Jin knows where the hole in the wall is and Jin answers yes.

Jack is summoned aboard the flight to help a passenger in distress in the lavatory. It is Charlie, who is unconscious and cannot breathe. Jack removes the item from his throat (a package of heroin) and Charlie is saved from suffocation. However, now Charlie is handcuffed and will be arrested.

On the beach, Richard asks Ben to tell him what happened and Ben tells him to go see for himself. Bram and two others from his crew, along with Ben, head inside and confront the Other Locke. Bram opens fire, but the bullet bounces off Other Locke.  The smoke monster appears kills Bram and his crew, leaving Ben alive.  Other Locke appears again and we know now that Other Locke’s other form is the smoke monster.

After the heavy metal is moved from the entrance, Sawyer heads inside the hatch hole to rescue Juliet, but it’s no use, she passes in his arms. But not before she says to him that she has something important to tell him. She doesn’t live long enough to tell him what it is.

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