Last episode left us off with Sawyer and Creepy Locke (my new name for him) crunching numbers: the infamous numbers written all over Jacob’s cave, where Sawyer agrees with Mr. Creepy, to get the eff off the island. This means Sawyer is now Locke’s first recruit. Lost skips following this story line on heads back to Jack, Hurley and Jacob.


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Jack is home from the airport and is in his bathroom, shirt open and sees a scar on his stomach. His mother calls him and they discuss the fact that his father’s body has not be recovered just yet and the coffin might have been checked through Berlin. He then asks his mother when he had his appendix taken out. His mother tells him when he was seven and his father wanted to do it himself but wasn’t allowed. She questions his remembrance of it and he hesitantly agrees he remembers. He hangs up and drives to St. Mary’s Academy and picks up his son, David.

Jack is sitting looking out from the temple onto the water when Dogen comes over and questions whether his friends will be coming back to the temple and Jack tells him probably not. Hurley and Miles are playing tic-tac-toe when Hurley decides to search for some food. Hurley goes inside the temple by the Spring and Hurley sees a guy leaning over by the Spring and asks him where he can find some food. The guy turns around to face him and tells him down the hall. Hurley is surprised to see it is Jacob and questions what he is doing there. Jacob tells him he needs for Hurley to do something for him. Someone is coming to the island and Hurley needs to them find it.

In David’s room, Jack finds a book ‘The Annotated Alice’ by Lewis Carroll and starts a conversation with David about how he used to read to him and David walks out.  David is fed up with seeing his dad only once a month and makes it well known. Jack’s mother calls again and Jack leaves to go see her.

By the temple Sayid walks up to Jack and asks why is everyone staring at him and questions why people are saying he is poisoned. He asks Jack what is he hiding from him. Jack tells him the pill Dogen wanted him to take was poison and they wanted to kill him.  Jack tells him, his ‘poisoining’ happened to someone else too. Sayid asks who.

Claire helps Jin out of the trap he caught his leg in. Jin asks how long has Claire been out in the jungle. She tells him since they all left. She asks him how long has that been, he tells her three years. Jin then passes out from the pain.

Hurley is walking through the temple halls and searches the walls while looking at the directions given to him by Jacob, scribbled on his arm. Dogen stops sees him and suggests he head back to the courtyard for he is not suppose to be there. Jacob appears (only to Hurley) and instructs him to tell Dogen that ‘he is a candidate’.  When he does the leader is visable shocked by this asks him who told him that. Hurley doesn’t give an answer.  Jacob tells Hurley he should be in the temple with Jack and to go back and get him. Hurley is not optimistic Jack will follow him.  Outside the temple, Hurley approaches Jack and of course refuses to come with him. Hurley says the magic words Jacob instructed him to tell Jack “You have what it takes”. This snaps Jack into action and he agrees to follow Hurley and meet Jacob for himself.

Jin wakes up and calls out for Claire. He uses an oar to steady himself up and looks at his surroundings. Odds and ends are scattered everywhere and he sees a baby basinet in the make shift tent he is in. He removes the tulle covering it and finds a small animal head inside. Claire comes back with a prisoner (one of the Others) and plops him on the floor. She asks the man  where he is hiding her son. Claire suddenly leaves the makeshift camp to do something and when she does, The Other tells Jin if they don’t leave, Claire will kill them both.

Hurley and Jack trek through the forest and Jack sees Kate by a river. Kate tells Jack, Jin went back to the temple and Sawyer is on his own and she wants to look for Claire. Jack warns her something happen to Claire. Kate insists regardless and heads off to find her.

Jack is at his mother’s house and they are looking for his father’s will. They discuss his son and his lack of communication skills. His mother suggests he talk to his son and she finds the will and reads it over. After reading it over she asks Jack if his father ever mention a Claire Littleton.

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What has taken over or ‘poisoned’ Claire? What are your thoughts about the Lighthouse device? Who is coming to the island and how will they get there now that the device is broken?  Why does Jack not remember his appendix being taken out? Also, why point out Shannon’s inhaler? Is she returning this Season?

The hieroglyph that Hurley stopped at in the temple halls was a circle that was sitting on a ledge (line). I knew it looked familiar, so I searched high and low online for that symbol and finally came across the Greek alphabet letter ‘Omega’ whichs means “grow”. Do you agree that this is what the symbol was? The only problem is…how could Greek letters be mixed in with Egyptian hieroglyphs in the temple? What questions do you have for this episode?

Best Quotes from Hurley:

“I just lied to a samurai” – to Jacob about lying to Dogen.

“He turns up whenever he wants, kinda like Obi Wan Kenobi.” – to Jack in reference to Jacob.