ULTIMATE SPOILER: Read the last page of Lost’s finale script!

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We were engaged in our usual nighttime routine of the past few months—begging anyone who walked out of the Bad Robot building for Lost spoilers. Suddenly, an unnamed employee—let’s just call him Jacob, so his reputation isn’t destroyed like that guy who lost Apple’s next iPhone—came out to empty a wastebasket into a nearby dumpster.

After he returned inside, we quickly climbed into that dumpster and discovered the last page of the script for the frakking final episode of Lost! We’re posting it here, at the risk of lawsuits and death by Smoke Monster, so everyone can enjoy it … without enjoying the odd garbage smell that now clings to it.


Access Top 10: ‘Lost’s’ Most Mystifying Moments

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On May 23, ABC’s “Lost” will conclude with an epic two-and-a-half hour series finale – an episode that, in true “Lost” fashion, may leave as many questions as answers for the sci-fi drama. But before the head scratching begins, AccessHollywood.com has racked our brains, poured over our DVDs and scoured Lostpedia to bring you 10 of the show’s biggest scenes and boldest moments in chronological order. Beware: the jungle is full of spoilers.

1) Smokey Arrives

The “Lost” pilot was full of dozens of memorable moments, but perhaps none as important as the introduction of the smoke monster – a creature thought for months by “Lost”-watchers to be anything from a dinosaur to mere imagination until ultimately being revealed in the fifth and sixth seasons as the show’s ultimate antagonist — a man-turned-monster who eventually took on the form of the deceased John Locke in an attempt to escape the island. After Flight 815 crashed, “Smokey” made his presence known by tearing the plane’s pilot out of the cockpit with a “Jurassic Park”-esque roar.

2) Claire Gives Birth

“Do No Harm” in season 1 marks two milestones for “Lost” – Claire giving birth to baby Aaron and the show’s first castaway death, as Jack is unable to save Boone after a jungle injury in which he fell while trapped in a crashed plane. The happier news came after Claire was abducted by the Others’ Ethan and used as a test case in the Others’ studies of pregnancy on the island.

3) Down The Hatch

Season 1 ended with the show’s biggest cliffhanger yet – what’s in the Dharma Initiative’s Swan Hatch (we had no idea what it was at the time)? After blowing it open, Jack, Locke and Kate realize in the beginning of season 2 they’re not alone, discovering Desmond Hume within and kicking off a series of events that ends with the hatch’s explosion in the season finale.


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