50 Questions Lost Really Does Need To Answer

So here are our pressing questions:

So the island is the place with the glowy light that’s inside all of us. Does this mean the Island’s alive? People talk about what the island “wants.” What do they mean? Is the island Eywa?

How come the island heals people? Why does it heal them selectively?

Who was the woman who raised Jacob and the Man In Black, and how did she get there?

If Jacob was a Roman, why is he so into Egyptian gods?

What was with those Egyptian symbols that appeared in the Hatch when the countdown went past 108 minutes? That didn’t seem like the Dharma Initiative’s style.

Jacob told Alpert some previous visitors to the island had built that Taweret statue. Did he tell them to build it? Why Taweret?

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Will LOST Find Closure With Its Series Finale? Show Stars Weigh In

It’s nearing the end of a six season run for ABC’s hit show “Lost”. Will the show famous for its enigmas answer the questions that fans have been dying to have answers to? Actors Henry Ian Cusick (who plays Desmond Hume) and Nestor Carbonell (who plays Richard Alpert) weigh in on their opinions of how the show concludes.

Carbonell on the theme of love in “Lost”:

“The issue of love is sort of at the heart of every one of our characters,” Carbonell said. “You’ve had Penny’s, mine was the angst over the loss of my wife. Just about every character, the one central theme is that love is at play in every one of our lives and has ripped us apart in some fashion. I think if that’s fully addressed in the finale, and I think a lot of those dynamics will be addressed, that to me is the most satisfying.”

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Do you think your questions will be answered about Lost? enough to satisfy you, so that you feel a bit of closure?

What do you think of what the cast has had to say about the finale?