On LJ Smith’s official blog:

First, I want to thank my readers for all their messages of support. I’ve gotten far too many emails to answer, and I really appreciate the kindness and emotional sustenance you’ve given to me at this difficult time.

Second, if you’ve asked me a question about the future books or the endgame of The Vampire Diaries and I’ve been vague about what’s in store, I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize. I really wasn’t looking forward to the day when I would have to talk about this.

Third, and most importantly, I want to ask anyone who was thinking of it, not to boycott Harper’s or anyone. It just doesn’t make sense. Although I wanted and still want more than anything to be able to continue The Vampire Diaries series myself, there’s no point in not trying the new books. (And remember, for fans of Bonnie and Damon, and strict Stefan and Elena fans, the immediate dynamics may be more to your liking.) Besides which, Midnight, which is all mine, is coming out in March, and I believe there may be some of my writing in Phantom.

Thanks again to all the fans who have shown loving and loyal kindness to me.

I’m not surprised this happened and I don’t blame Harper for their decision. I agree with them. The series went off in a bizarre direction. I couldn’t finish the last 2 books. I was pretty sad about it because I had loved the series. I’m not sure where she went off track.

That said, I feel really bad for LJ Smith. Vampire Diaries was her creation, her baby. It must feel horrible to be told you cannot continue. And I respect her for asking fans to not boycott Harper or the new books.

What do you think of all this?