Penny Dreadful
Season 2, Episode 07
Episode Title: Little Scorpion
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Penny Dreadful contains: Sex & Nudity, Violence & Gore, Profanity, Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking, and Frightening/Intense Scenes.

After Ethan’s transformation, Sembene tells him that he has heard about what he saw. He tells him that even though he changes and something else is in his place, he knows his friend, and he is sure that Ethan is still there. The next day, Vanessa decides to leave London, after Sir Malcolm doesn’t believe that she was attacked. Ethan tells her that he will go with her. Before leaving, Vanessa tells Victor where they are going in case they need them and advises him to give Lily sometime.

“Be patient with your cousin, it’s all so new to her, London or the bright shiny prices that offers, she will grow tired of it.” “That’s very kind, and what if it doesn’t?” “Then we will have a long talk on a dark night.”


After a journey, they arrived to the house of Joan in the moors. Vanessa shows Ethan where he can sleep. She asks him if he has ever been in a place where he feels hunted, as she feels that way in the house. They go out to find plants to replace the ones that have dried up. Later that night, after having dinner and talking about their childhood, Ethan gets over well with the need to transform and storms out of the house. We see him transform into a werewolf and kill a sheep.penn02072


The next morning, Vanessa wakes up to a sound, she goes out and finds Ethan chopping the tree where Joan was killed. She asks him about what happened last night, but he changes the topic and instead he asks her if she has ever shot a gun. He starts to teach her, but she seems to be a natural shooter. As a way to repay him, she teaches him how to dance.

Days pass over the moors, Ethan works on cutting the tree and Vanessa in the house. When the tree is done, they make a garden in its place. One rainy night, while practicing, a thunder strikes the chimney causing the fire to burst out into the room and a part of the roof falls down.

Once the fire is out and the rain keeps pouring in through the roof, they both stand in one end of the room, wet and breathing hard. Ethan walks up to Vanessa and kisses her. Their kiss is hard and fast, when they stop to take a breath and start again, Vanessa pushes Ethan away saying “We are dangerous.” Ethan leaves the house to cool down out in the rain.

Back in Sir Malcolm’s house, Mr. Lyle and Victor come the conclusion that the artifacts keep repeating the word lupus dei (hound of god) many times. Meaning that the devil, Vanessa and another person are the part of the story.

“Like the demon chewing on a bone it couldn’t swallow it, can’t make peace with it.” “It’s a danger to him.” “Yes… yes the demon, the hound, the scorpion endlessly circling each other.”


The next day while walking through the woods, Vanessa and Ethan come across Sir Geoffrey. This causes Vanessa’s anger to spike and wishing to kill him. Later that night, Ethan goes out with the intention of killing him, but at the same time Vanessa opens the “Poetry of Death” and starts to read an incantation. Ethan sees as the dogs that Sir Geoffrey was feeding turn on him and kill him.


Lily accepts an invitation from Dorian and goes out with him. With knowing, they come across the Wax museum, inside Lily seems to change when they see a scene of men robbing graves to get cadavers for the doctors to practice. She doesn’t notice, but Caliban sees them. Dorian sends her in carriage home, but she decides to stop in a pub. Once there she meets a man and goes with him to his house. While having sex with the man, she kills him.


Ethan returns to the house and confronts Vanessa, when she doesn’t deny it, he tells her, “You will never get your soul back, not ever. Do you understand that?” “Yes.” “Welcome to the night, Vanessa.”


The episode started calm and seem to progress to the end. For a moment I felt that I had watched more than an hour half-way thought the episode. Ethan and Vanessa look so different out of their “fancy” cloths. Thank god Ethan cut the tree down, I loved when Vanessa said “I never liked trees since, not one.” I don’t know how Mr. Lyle is going to end if he decides to change teams, well I don’t see Evelyn letting him live. Poor Victor, it seems that you are not meant to be happy. It seems that being reanimated gives you super strength, as Lily killed that man. Is she remembering being Brona? I loved the kissing scene between Ethan and Vanessa, but I think she has noticed that the two of them together are even more dangerous, that’s why she stop him, saying “We are dangerous.” Three more episodes are left for this second season of Penny Dreadful, “Memento Mori,” “And Hell Itself My Only Foe,” “And They Were Enemies”. What did you think of Lily’s scene? Are you ready for the last three episodes? Tell us in the comments.