4 star

Let It Snow

By  Jeanette Grey

ISBN: 9781455567966


let-it-snowReview brought to you by OBS reviewer Andra


Baby, it’s cold outside . . .

‘Tis the night before Christmas Eve and Holly wishes she hadn’t volunteered to work the night shift. The weather is frightful and getting worse by the minute, and the same old annoying carols are blasting from the bookstore’s speakers. But Holly’s holiday spirit returns when the store’s sexy new assistant manager arrives to keep her company. He has muscled arms, baby blue eyes, and a sweet pair of lips she wouldn’t mind meeting under the mistletoe.

Sam is glad the snow is keeping away customers-it gives him a chance to get close to his favorite employee. Holly has always been a mystery to Sam, like a beautiful present he’d love to unwrap. When they’re trapped by a full-blown blizzard, Holly breaks into the Christmas cookie display. Sam busts out a bottle of vodka from the boss’s office. Soon the two are trading heated kisses-as well as secrets neither has ever felt safe enough to tell before. What started out as one naughty night together turns into something so much more.


A cute holiday novella. Both Holly and Sam must work late on December 23rd for a small independent book store. It begins to snow and snow and snow.  Before you know it, Holly and Sam are snowed in when closing time comes around.  Holly has had a slow-burning crush for Sam ever since he had started as assistant manager at the beginning of the term.

To keep warm (and pass the time), they get into the owner’s cheap liquor.

“Next time she gets us stranded in her store for the night, the least she could do is spring for the mediocre stuff.”

You get the sense that getting stranded is not the worst thing to happen to Holly…

She was seriously going to have to thank Margie for making her work the late shift tonight. Suppressing her impulse to do a little end zone victory dance right there in her boss’s office, she refocused on her tasks…(to get lighting for the night and prepare for an evening of ???)

Having this night together (and you will have to read the details for yourself), allows Holly and Sam to explore their feelings for each other.  Can they be friends? Or more?  The unfolding of their relationship is steamy and sweet.

As often is the case, the next morning there is a bit of awkwardness.  But we quickly get the sense that Sam is invested (even though an insecure Holly does not get that) especially when Sam convinces Holly to go with him to his parent’s house as it is very moving.

“They’re going to love you,” he repeated, full of a conviction she didn’t know if she could ever feel. And then he tilted his head to the side, and something in his smile fell wide open. “Just like I do.”

One thing that did throw me off though was the cover.  The depiction of Sam and Holly was not how I envisioned these two young (essentially first or second year college aged kids) and that just bothered me.

As a first read by a new author, I found the flow and story line well told, engaging and leaving me wanting to read more by this author.  So if you are looking for a feel good, a bit sexy, a bit sweet, Christmas themed quick read…this is the book for you.


*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*