Lawe’s Justice

Breeds, Book #18

Feline Breeds, Book #15

By Lora Leigh

ISBN# 9780425243954

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Jonas and Rachel are still desperate for answers on how to counteract the serum that was injected into their infant daughter, Amber.  Amber continues to change before their eyes and has even started purring now!  The pool of people that could possibly have the knowledge to help is getting smaller and smaller.  Jonas has had Rachel’s sister, Diane, on the case.  She has a lead that will take her to Window Rock, Arizona and the Navajo Nation, where they are known to help children disappear.  Honor Roberts was injected with a similar serum as Amber when she was in the labs and survived.  They need to find her to learn how she has endured and what she has done to keep living.  She is suspected to be with Fawn Corrigan and Bengal Breed, Judd and they believe the Navajo Nation helped them disappear and know where they are.

Meanwhile the feral breed, Gideon, is still on the loose and he appears to be looking for the same people.  He hopes that Diane can lead him to his query and he can snatch them from under her nose.  He knows he will end up betraying Diane, but he has the utmost respect for the warrior and is even helping her, when he can.

However, when Diane and her group of mercenaries are shot at outside their hotel in D.C., it forces Lawe into action.  He is ready to claim the mate he’s been watching for the last 18 months.  However, Lawe’s need to protect Diane could very well smother and kill the soldier he loves and compromise her mission to save Amber.  Can the two of them work through the mating heat without ending up hating each other, in the end?

I actually really enjoyed this book, which is kind of a surprise to me, to be honest.  Not because of anything against the series or the writing, but because I thought Lawe was going to be an unbending jerk.  I was really shocked and kind of proud with how he acted, to be honest.  Yes, he had his gut reaction to hide his mate away and protect her at all costs, but he never came off as too overbearing.  I honestly could understand his fears, especially after what happened in the labs with his mother.  It was pretty astonishing when he actually started compromising and working with Diane instead of against her.  She did still sneak out on him, but apparently he expected it considering he followed her.  And, I loved how he acted during the fight.  To see him have such pride in his mate and to finally see how the two of them can both have what they want and work together.

“Well, look who’s joining the party, boys,” Dog drawled. “Looks like the bet’s off.”

“The hell it is.” Lawe moved in, just slightly behind his mate’s right shoulder. “You have my thousand. My mate will kick his ass.”

Lawe was a lot of fun after he got to go play with the boys too.  I think this could be a fun couple to watch going forward if they continue to play with each other like this.  I loved Lawe’s almost innocently frisky nature.

“I told you not to get wounded,” she pointed out calmly.

“You did,” he agreed with a slow, thoughtful nod. “And, I tried very hard to please you, mate, but that Vanderale brat seemed to think his own hide was more important than mine and used me for a shield.”

Oh, now this was just wrong. He was blatantly lying to her. Blatantly, playfully. Almost flirtatiously lying to her. She had already heard the details when he was first brought in, but she turned to Jonas and Dane where they stood behind her anyway.

Both men were glaring at her mate.

Her brow arched inquisitively. “Vanderale brat?” she asked Dane curiously.

He grunted at the insult. “Next time, I’ll throw him to the damned Coyotes.”

“Looks like he’s going to live, anyway,” Jonas drawled as he watched Lawe broodingly. “You acted like you actually missed having bullets whine past your head.”

Lawe grinned.

The sight of that smile did something to her. It melted her insides. Like butter on a hot summer day she could feel emotion just oozing through her, over-taking her, seeping into all the little hidden, previously locked areas of her soul to fill her with a sense of rich, sudden life.”

I’m also really starting to enjoy Jonas’s double-agent coyotes as well, although I’ve secretly liked Dog for a while!  I just can’t resist a playful Coyote Breed.  Never dare a coyote.

“God love a Coyote’s heart and his love of a good challenge or a good bet.”

I also found Gideon (who shares his name with one of my dogs) to be an interesting character.  I think he’s more complex than most of the Breed males give him credit for.  I’m anxious to see what happens with him and hope that he can be pulled back into Breed society.

This book really makes me want to further explore the twin connection between Lawe and Rule.  I can only imagine that at least one of them will father a pair of twins.   If not both of them.  And, I can’t wait to see it!

This was a great book and I can’t wait to read more!