Last Summer

By Kerry Lonsdale

ISBN# 9781542093088

Author’s Website:

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*Beware of possible spoilers*

Magazine journalist, Ella Skye, wakes in the hospital confused and unsure of why she’s there.  Her husband, Damien, looks like he’s been through the ringer and doesn’t believe her when she initially tells him she doesn’t remember what happened.  Apparently, she’s been in the hospital for days and nobody can understand how she suddenly lost her memory.  Not only can she not remember the accident that killed their unborn son, but she doesn’t remember being pregnant at all!

Ella is looking for answers everywhere she can since Damien isn’t telling her anything.  She can’t wrap her head around how she could have been pregnant when Damien always made it clear he didn’t want kids!  And, now he’s devastated over the loss of the baby she can’t remember.  What changed?  How could she have convinced him to have a baby?  And, he has made it clear he doesn’t want to try again so she may have lost her only chance at becoming a mom.

Then, Ella’s boss gives her an assignment.  To finish an interview and story she started last summer.  It’s on Nathan Donovan, an outdoorsman reality TV star.  He contacted her boss making it clear that he’d only talk to Ella.  Now she must finish the exclusive on him or potentially lose her job!  The problem:  She doesn’t have a clue who Nathan Donovan is!  And, when Damien finds out about the assignment, he doesn’t want her to go, but he won’t say why. She spent two weeks with Nathan last summer, but Ella doesn’t remember a second of that time.

Once Ella is face-to-face with Nathan she realizes that there must have been something much more going on between them before.  She must find out what as he could be the key to unlocking her lost memories.  However, could it ruin her marriage in the process or was her marriage doomed already?

The synopsis of this book didn’t really strike me, but I do enjoy Lonsdale’s writing so I decided to give this book a try!  And, it was an interesting read with lots of plot twists to keep you interested throughout.

I wasn’t sure what to think of Damien.  He seemed like he really loved Ella, but he also came off a bit shady.  He definitely seemed like he was hiding something big and you just wanted to keep reading to find out what!

My casting of Damien, Henry Cavil. Picture Source

Nathan seemed like a great guy as well, but one that has been hurt before, by Ella herself!  As the book progressed I wasn’t sure who Ella was going to end up with, or who I wanted her to be with!  I also started piecing some of the plot twists together, but I feel it’s impossible to completely figure it out until the big reveal.  One character was much more diabolical and manipulative, then I could have ever guessed!

I found it interesting that Damien and Nathan supposedly looked alike which made me wonder if this was a movie who could be cast in their roles.  I ended up settling on Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer, both of whom have that darkness to them that I imagined in Damien.

For the most part, I did really enjoy this book.  I just didn’t care for the ending.  The reader is left hanging wondering what Ella is going to do next.  The way the book ended sounded like there is a sequel coming, but Lonsdale’s website lists this book as a stand-alone.  I’m not sure what I want honestly.  I’m not sure if there is truly enough story to fill an entire second book, but if there isn’t another story coming why the dumb ending?  Why not end it at the happily ever after that was right there?  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if a sequel is forthcoming!

My casting of Nathan, Matt Bomer. Picture Source

This book was full of lies and deceit and was actually pretty incredible if only it would have ended a few pages earlier!