Last Hit: Reloaded

Hitman, Book #2.5

By Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick

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last-hit-reloadedNick has given up the only career he knows, being a hired assassin, so he can be with the woman he loves; his Daisy.  He’s given up the life, trying to fit in to society like ‘normal people’.  But old habits die hard.  He’s always aware of things around him.  And, if there is threat to Daisy he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even take another life.

Daisy loves Nick, but is sad that she has no friends and that she just doesn’t seem to know how to make new friends.  Nick decides to throw a party to meet new friends, but it turns out badly proving how out of sync they are with other people of their own age.

But at school Daisy finally connects with another girl, but Nick worries she’s using his Daisy.  But when it’s clear Christine’s boyfriend is abusive things get ugly really quick.  Can Nick protect Daisy when she needs him the most?

This is the first book I’ve read from this series.  It wasn’t too shabby.  Although it did read a bit stiff at times, especially when narrated by Nick.  He seemed to have a very one track mind. Protecting. His. Daisy.  I understand the authors were trying to portray him as an Ukrainian living in the U.S. and, not knowing our American ways and slang.  I found it a bit odd that sometimes he could have big elaborate thoughts with big words and then other times he couldn’t string a sentence together without leaving out words. But overall he was a decent character, despite his former career.  If I had to use one word to describe Nick, it would be … horny!  It seemed every time Daisy breathed it turned him on!  They would getting it on in great detail constantly throughout the book, so bear that in mind when deciding if you’d like to read this book, it’s not for the faint of heart.

I found Daisy to be the naïve girl she was written to be.  From the party that I felt terrible for them both for to her friendship with Christine.  The fact that she was willing to buy her friendship with homework and lunch was a bit sad in my eyes.

The conclusion to their problem was a little abrupt and everything seemed to work out a little too easily.  You don’t usually find police help in those kinds of situations after all!

But overall I did enjoy the story and will continue this series and hope it will get even better!

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*