Last Guard

Psy Changeling Trinity, Book #5

By Nalini Singh

ISBN# 9781984803658

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Canto was created as a result of a fertilization agreement.  But his father broke that agreement when he decided his son’s flaws were too much to handle.  He left him at a school to be tortured and killed.  And, when the teacher was attacking him nobody expected the wild little girl 3K to come to his rescue.  She killed for him.  Their bond had been strong before that, but he would never forget what she had done for him.

Canto’s maternal grandmother found him and welcomed him into the Mercant family with open arms.  And years later he leads a normal life, but he can’t stop looking for 3K and wondering what had become of her.  Until one day when he finally finds her.

The Psynet is deteriorating fast and the anchors that hold it together on the substrate level are becoming fewer and fewer.  Most psy can’t see the substrate or even know it exists.  Only the As do.  And, Canto has decided that it’s time to pull the As together and demand to be taken seriously.  The Ruling Coalition are preparing to try to break the Psynet apart, but they don’t even know how that will affect things because none of them are Anchors.  They must have their voices heard in order to save the Psynet and their race.

But first, they need a spokesperson.  Canto likes living in the shadows, but feels the Rao CEO, Payal, would make a perfect choice.  And, when she sees him for the first time she recognizes him by the galaxies in his eyes as the boy she killed for, 7J.

Now that Canto has found Payal he won’t let her go.  Their bond is still strong and he owes her his life. 

“In saving his life, she’d gained herself a Mercant knight who would always, always be in her corner.”

Payal wasn’t as lucky as Canto.  She was never taken in by a family that loves her.  She had to live under her cruel father and psychopathic brother’s thumb.  And, Canto will do anything to protect her from them or anyone else.  However, her father has her on a leash.  He is the only one with access to the medication that keeps her migraines from the tumors in her brain in check.  She can’t live without it and if she steps out of line, he will quit supplying it to her.

Canto and Payal are on a race against the clock to save both the net and Payal.  Can they make their voices be heard before it’s too late?

I didn’t expect to like this book once I saw the main couple were both Psy.  The whole emotionless race are just hard for me to connect to.  However, I actually loved this couple and this novel.  They sucked me in early and didn’t let me go.

I love how fierce Payal is and how protective and sincere Canto is.  And, the bears have really rubbed off on Canto.  His interactions with them were pretty sweet, especially when dealing with the cubs.

This couple definitely had their obstacles to overcome, several of which you expected.  But the two prove that they can handle anything that comes their way if they work together.

This book also showed glimpses of some of the other characters in the series, my favorite of course, being Kaleb!  I never expected to see him and Payal to connect the way they did.  But any glimpses of Kaleb make me happy!

This is a really strong book in the series and I hope the next installment is equally as good, if not better!  And, I am so ready for a Pasha and Arwen book!  Bring on the bears!!