Portland Books Examiner Sara Gundell has an exclusive interview with Kaleb Nation from Twilightguy.com:

At just 20-years-old, Nation is young to be making such a huge splash in the publishing world – but perhaps it is his youth and his innovative style that have helped him make his mark. As a home-schooled youth, Nation got the first spark of an idea for Bran Hambric at age 14 – while sitting up late at night on a March evening in 2003. He began writing the story, and now, more than six years later, Nation’s dream of seeing Bran Hambric in print has come true.

You have a dedicated following online … but for readers who don’t know — tell us briefly, in your own words, what they can expect from Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse?

Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse is the story of a boy who was found locked in a bank vault at six years old with no memory of his past. Years later, when he is fourteen, he discovers that he is at the center of an enormous plot surrounding the crimes of his mother, and that her former masters are now searching for him to complete the curse she left unfinished. It’s a modern fantasy story set in an alternate world, so if you like magic mixed with crime and car chases, you’ll like Bran Hambric?

Bran Hambric is about to hit stores, and you’re done reading Breaking Dawn for TwilightGuy.com. So what’s next for you?

I think now that TwilightGuy.com is almost complete, I will really be focusing a lot more on my own writing and on YouTube videos, which I really enjoy making! I’ll still be a part of the Twilight fandom via YouTube and my other blog, though not quite as active as I’ve been the past year.

Do you have any plans to give the partial manuscript of Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight Sun the TwilightGuy.com-treatment?

Not really. If Stephenie decides to finish Midnight Sun, I’ll think about returning to TwilightGuy.com, but I’ll only know that when the time comes.

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Hmm I wonder what will happen to Twilightguy.com now that he’s finished all the published books in the Twilight Saga. What do you think?

Kaleb’s book sounds fun. Do you plan on reading it?