Jurnee Smollett-Bell Joins Cast of ‘True Blood’

Most fans likely know her best as friend of Michelle on “Full House” but now Jurnee Smollett-Bell is all grown up. On March 18 Huffington Post shares that Jurnee has been added to the cast of “True Blood” for season six.

Smollett-Bell says that she is very excited about her new role, although she can’t say too much bout what she will be doing. This is a new kind of genre entirely for her as she has mostly played in feel-good movies and family sitcoms.

Jurnee is taking on the role of Nicole, an activist that comes to Louisiana for “The Cause,” which fans are assuming means vampire rights. She did say that there will be biting and animal involvement.

In the book series the “True Blood” show is based off of, this is about the time that the shifters decide to come out and make themselves known which starts a huge commotion. (Examiner.com)

It’s been really quiet from the True Blood camp ever since season 5 came to a close, so it’s nice to finally hear something ….even if it is just who they’re adding to the cast!  I’m sure it will be a major change of pace for her going from wholesome shows to sinful sex scenes in every episode True Blood! Stay tuned because I’m sure they’ll be many more new faces to come!

Oh and for those of you needing a refresher on Jurnee’s ‘Full House’ character….