Joe Manganiello Denies Rumors that he’s Dating Demi Moore

Sometimes the source of a rumor is completely understandable. Maybe two people have suddenly begun hanging out all the time, and whispers begin circulating they might be secretly dating. Then again, sometimes rumors start from almost a ludicrously small piece of evidence that’s foolishly extrapolated out. The following article of beauty school nonsense definitely falls in the latter category.

For the past week or so, rumors have been circulating about Demi Moore possibly moving on from Ashton Kutcher with True Blood star Joe Manganiello. The two were reportedly seen at a premiere, got really cozy, hit it off, attended a party after and were seeing where things might lead. It turns out only the first portion of that story is true. The two were at the same premiere, but they only talked for about three minutes.

According to The LA Times, Manganiello told Ryan Seacrest as much ( this past week) on the American Idol host’s radio show. Apparently, he approached her to make a few jokes about both of them playing strippers in movies. They had a few laughs and parted ways, probably not to speak until the next time they happen to run into each other at another premiere. (Cinemablend) Picture Credit: US Magazine

I think Manganiello definitely would be a HUGE step up from Ashton Kutcher….that boy (yes boy) annoys me so badly that it’s not even funny!!  And it would be quite interesting if Manganiello and Moore did hook up, but only for the headlines….there would be all kinds of stories with something about the two “strippers” hooking up!  Besides I think Demi needs to focus on herself right now, not a relationship!!  I wish her all the best in her recovery.