‘Buffy’ star James Marsters talks ‘Twilight,’ reprising Spike

James Marsters, who played the bleached blond vampire Spike on Joss Whedon’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and its spinoff “Angel,” approves of the new breed of vampires that have taken over pop culture, especially the ones in Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” novels.

“I like them man. They got my niece to read,” Marsters says on a conference call to promote his guest starring role on “Caprica.” “She wasn’t reading a lot, but she hit ‘Twilight’ and just ate them up and read them five, 10 times. Now she’s on to other vampire romances. She reads like a novel a day now. So, go Stephenie Meyer.”

Hideous or not, Marsters is more than willing to don the fangs again.

“When Joss came to me and asked me about [reprising the role of Spike] right as ‘Angel’ was coming down, I told him, ‘I’ll follow you to hell, I’ll follow you to heaven. Just give me a call. I’ll do one line for you. I’ll do 10. Sure I’ll do Spike for you. Of course I’ll do Spike for you.'”

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I love me some Spike.  Buffy was my first Vampire Show and I loved it. Still do. Spike was the hot bad guy, but oh so fun.

I followed the spin-off Angel too. I was sad when it got cancelled.

Were you a fan of Buffy or Angel? Which one was your favorite?

It makes me laugh to read that James appreciates Twilight. I do agree with him in that it gets teens reading. Whatever works!