J.J. Westendarp
Spiral X


Review brought to you by guest reviewer Jennifer Jensen


22-year-old Cheryl Erickson is a Vampire Hunter with some serious attitude. She’s considered such a nuisance to the vamp community that there’s a bounty out on her life. While she’s trying to keep herself alive, she is also investigating a new drug called Plast that has hit the streets of Dallas. Normally she’d stay out of it, but since vampires are involved distributing it to the humans, Cheryl makes it her mission to put an end to its circulation.

After Cheryl becomes a suspect in a homicide, she teams up with a secretive division of the FBI that has had their eye on her for quite some time. Now with all sorts of government perks at her fingertips, Cheryl’s job might be just a bit easier.

I am a sucker for vampire series, especially with strong female heroines like Cheryl. J.J. Westendarp’s writing style for Spiral X (which I’m hoping will develop into a series) is really similar to Laurel K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series, but much more imaginative. In Cheryl’s world, God and Lucifer are at war and humans are caught in the crossfire. I felt the explanations were really well drawn out, and they kept me wanting more. I loved the whole concept of this book and would definitely purchase his writing in the future. Additionally, there were some really great plot twists that I never saw coming. There’s nothing worse than reading a book and knowing what is going to happen when you’re not even halfway through yet.

Though I enjoyed it, there were still a few things that annoyed me about Cheryl and about the opening scenes in the book. On at least 3 different occasions, Cheryl pinches the bridge of her nose and for whatever reason this was really noticeable to me after she’d done it a few times. I wish that he’d had her express her annoyance or anger in another manner. The beginning of the book took us right into the action, and I wish we’d seen more of the drug’s effects before Cheryl figured it out. When the book first starts, Cheryl already knows about the drug and what it does. I would have really like some more build up, but overall this was a surprisingly good read.