J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts)
Glory In Death
In Death, Book, #2

Review brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

Glory in Death is the second book in the futuristic In Death Series by Nora Roberts, written under her pseudo name, J.D. Robb.  It follows Lieutenant Eve Dallas through her homicide cases and her relationship with big roller, Roarke.

This installment picks up a couple of months after the debut novel in the series, Naked in Death, left off.  Eve is still dating hunky Roarke, but he’s pushing for more from Dallas then she is willing to give.  He wants a commitment and gives her an ultimatum that leaves them on the outs for a while.  Until they both realize they can no longer go on without the other and Eve gives in and confesses her love for him and agrees to move in with him.

Meanwhile, Eve is investigating a string of murders, where once again all the victims have connections with Roarke.  Eve doesn’t believe he had anything to do with the murders, but feels she must find a way to take suspicion off of him.

After coming to the wrong conclusions on who murdered these beautiful successful women, she finally stumbles onto the real killer and she has to take him down before he takes her out or before another innocent woman loses her life at his hand.

After reading the first installment of this series, and loving it, I couldn’t wait to delve into this one.  I have to say that the book was good, but I was a bit disappointed through a lot of it.  The blurb on the book makes you think the storyline is a repeat of Naked in Death.  Another set of murders that all lead to Roarke being the killer, but that’s not the case.  Yes the victims all had connections to Roarke, but nobody ever really suspected him in this book, where everybody did the last time around.  Although reading the blurb on the book, you would think everyone was accusing him.
I found the book kind of dragged during the standoff between Eve and Roarke that resulted from his ultimatum to have all or nothing with her.  There was no Roarke and it left that part of the book extremely lacking.  Not to mention reading through Eve following leads that even I didn’t think could possibly end up being the murderer. But, the book did turn around when Roarke and Eve gave in to their feelings to each other once again and quit fighting.  And of course Eve getting on the right trail as far as the murders went was helpful to.

The last few scenes in the book really turned it around for me.  Eve scuffling with the murderer and Roarke coming on to the scene, his protective instincts taking over.  And it was too cute with them walking away all beat up and him telling her he wants her to marry him.  Will she??  I guess I’ll have to read the next one to find out.  With over thirty books and counting in this series, I’d say it’s a pretty good guess that they probably will wed eventually…but it’s just a matter of how long it takes him to wear her down bigGrin.