~Commentary by OBS reviewer Heidi


Major “True Blood” death rumors are swirling as Season 6 draws close to a close. Only the cast knows which major character will meet their true death – but did Kristin Bauer van Straten’s teary eyes give away a major spoiler?

The actress, who plays vampire Pam on the HBO series, stopped by Access Hollywood Live to chat about her work with Best Friends Animal Society, and when it came to talk of the rumors that her onscreen friend and maker, Eric Northman (played by Alexander Skarsgard), could be leaving the show — the star got emotional.

“It’s is a fear of mine for a couple of reasons,” she said, when asked if Eric might die this season.

“I love being around him,” she continued, holding back her emotions.

When pressed about who might meet their maker, she teased, “I know a lot of things… I can’t say.”

Kristin explained that she has grown very close to her longtime co-star.

“It’s family. I’m around often Alex for 70 hours a week and we laugh and laugh,” she explained. “My favorite part on the job is the day on the set.”

Adding, “I could cry thinking about whenever, like 10 years from now, if I’m not next to Alex, I’ll be sad.” (Access Hollywood)

I really don’t think fans should take these rumors to heart.  This sounds like a lot of falsely planted rumors to me, made to strike fear in all Trubies, and of course to make you pay closer attention to the final episodes of the series!  It was bad enough the ending Eric received in the Sookie Stackhouse books, I don’t think the writers of True Blood would be so cruel to the fans, to give him the death blow!  Besides the day that Eric is killed, is the day the series is laid to rest.  I think Alexander Skarsgard is one of the big draws to the show and without him, it wouldn’t last long…