Iron Kin
The Half-Light City, Book #3
By M.J. Scott
ISBN# 978045146505
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*Beware of possible Spoilers*

Fen is a mutt of sorts, a half-breed, part Fae and part Beast Kind, but neither race will claim him, being the abomination that he is.  But Fen has the sight, he is overwhelmed with visions, but doesn’t know how to control them and the pain they bring him, and with nobody to teach him how to handle them, he chooses to bind his wrist in iron and to drown himself in alcohol, but now even that isn’t enough to stop the visions completely.  And, with the Treaty Negotiations fast approaching, the different races are scrambling to gather any advantage they can acquire and suddenly Fen and his visions are a hot commodity. To bad he wants nothing to do with the negotiations, knowing that something bad is going to happen, he just isn’t sure what.

But when Fen takes his ‘sister’ to the DuCaine Treaty Ball he meets the lovely Saskia.  The two are drawn to each other for reasons unknown to them.  But he knows he has to stay away from her once he realizes she’s a DuCaine, not wanting to invoke the wrath of her brothers, Guy and Simon.  But staying away becomes impossible once he discovers that Saskia can take away his visions and the body wracking pain they cause with a simple touch.  And, she uses that to strike a deal with Fen to get herself invited to the negotiations, despite her brothers’ protests.

But when hell breaks loose at the negotiations, who will be left standing?

Don’t be put off by my rating of this book.  I think it has a lot of potential.  I absolutely loved the budding relationship between Fen and Saskia! I especially loved Fen!  What can I say I love the drunken playboy:)

“If you’re all grown up, as you insist, then you’re old enough to recognize heat between a man and a woman. And it’s there between us. I’m not a saint, Saskia. I’m not one of your respectful human boys. If you ask me, I’m not going to be a gentleman.”

“Sainted bloody earth.” She’d finally found her tongue. Her cheeks still blushed pink, but her eyes were furious. “How is that no woman has killed you before now?”

One of my favorite parts was when their secret was discovered and the aftermath it caused!  But unfortunately, I just didn’t care much about the other things that were going on around them.  I found the preparations for the negotiations to be boring and the pomp and circumstance of the proceedings to be likewise.  But yet, I kept expecting that to change and for something to happen to completely suck me in, but it just didn’t.

Like I previously stated, I loved the romance aspect in this book as Scott definitely nailed it!  But I found Fen and Saskia’s reunion to be a bit lackluster.   But above all I found the ending to have been the biggest disappointment of all.  I was still waiting for that overwhelming mushy romantic ending and it just never came.  I was also expecting some big climatic ending with the clash of the races, but instead we were left waiting.  When I was done reading I was left asking  ‘really? That’s it?’  I was just expecting more.

But I appreciate that this series does have potential and I’m definitely planning to see what happens in the next installment.