4 star

Into the Fire

Night Prince, Book #4

By Jeaniene Frost

ISBN# 9780062076403

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Into-the-fire-night-prince-jeaniene-frostThis book picks up shortly after the last installment of the series, Bound by Flames, left off.  A spell that Vlad’s stepson/nephew, Mircea, has set on Leila has backfired.  Now Mircea and Leila are bound flesh to flesh and blood to blood, if one is injured, they both receive the same injury.  This is the only thing that has kept Vlad from killing Mircea.

But when a coven of powerful necromancers capture Mircea, they quickly learn that they can control Vlad, by threatening Mircea and Leila’s lives.  They have demanded that Vlad kill one of his oldest friends.  Leila wants to find another way, but Vlad is quick to take action because nobody’s life is more important that Leila’s in his eyes.

Vlad and Leila must find where Mircea is being held, and rescue him before the demands from his captors become too much.  They are also working with an unlikely source to help find a way to break the spell on Leila, once and for all.

This was another good book from Frost.  But I’m devastated that this is our final book in the series!  I love Vlad, fiery temper and all, and I will miss him greatly!

There is definitely a lot going on in this book and there is never a dull moment!  There are a lot of things that Leila has to come to grips with, from Vlad being forced to kill, new discoveries about her family, and changes to her loved ones as well.  Not to mention the going on’s with Vlad’s acquaintances!

And, I have to say that I never expected the rouse that Vlad planned toward the end of the book.  I was shocked and then devastated by the consequences to one character, in particular.  However, it gives me hope that maybe, just maybe, that character will finally get a spin-off series of his own!  He would definitely be entertaining enough to keep me coming back and he needs a happily ever after of his own!

This was another great book, I’m just so incredibly sad to see the end of the series!  I will miss Vlad dearly….. he is a smoking hottie after all :).  If you haven’t read this series or the Night Huntress books yet, then you are really missing out and you should rectify that oversight right away!  They are just too good to miss!  I would definitely recommend reading these in order though!

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