By Janie Logan at True Blood Net

SW: In what ways did Rhodes help you grow as a writer?

CH: It certainly helped me grow because it gave me the opportunity to read a lot of writers I would never have read if I hadn’t had to read them for class, and I think that’s always enriching. And it gave me the opportunity to write almost anything I wanted, for some reason or another. I could almost make up my reason. I wrote plays, I wrote a lot of things.

SW: What’s one of the best memories you have from school?

CH: Gosh, anything Professor Hill taught—Ray Hill. That was just fabulous. I learned a lot about being in a group situation, and directing the conversation, a little bit about acting, a little bit about a lot of things that have really been helpful. I had some wonderful English professors.

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I love how Charlaine Harris doesn’t mind that the TV show True Blood is different from her books. I’m surprised that she thinks Stephen Moyer is the actor that got the closest to her book character.

Do you agree with Charlaine,  is Stephen Moyer the actor in the True Blood series that’s the closest to her character in the Sookie Books?