AN INTERVIEW WITH TRUE BLOOD’S KRISTIN BAUER Racine native Kristin Bauer keeps herself busy. In addition to playing Pam, the vampire club owner on HBO’s hit show, “True Blood,” Bauer is also an artist, an animal rights activist and a new bride who got married on her family’s farm. Bauer has 53 credited television and film projects — everything from “Seinfeld” to “Desperate Housewives” to “Boston Legal” and now, “True Blood,” which she says is her favorite project yet. What’s it like working on a show that some critics are calling one of the best on TV?

Kristin Bauer: It’s incredible, surreal and unexpected.

OMC: What part of it is unexpected? Because I’ve watched every episode of “True Blood” and knew it was a pretty unique show from day one.

KB: I don’t know if it’s me having been in the business a bit and have gotten my hopes up so many times, because there’s so much about filming that I can’t control. I’ve done some amazing things that people didn’t really see, and some crappy things that everybody saw. I somehow have to focus on just saying the words and then forget about it. I assumed it would be amazing because of (executive producer) Alan Ball, and I love vampires, and the cast is so incredible.

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Its so cool to get to know another talented actress on True Blood. I had no idea she has been on so many successful TV shows! 🙂

Do you think Kristin was a good choice to play Pam on True Blood?