Mead is coming to Australia next month in celebration of the release of her fourth title in the Vampire Academy series, Blood Promise. You can detect a certain nervousness in her discussion of the book. It’s a departure from the previous three titles.Fans will receive considerably more character development in their protagonist, learn more about Dimitri’s decent into the Strigoi world and see the negative effects Rose’s departure will have on Lissa’s wellbeing.

Richelle Mead says that she is very excited to come to Australia. The support she has received from Aussie fans has been extremely enthusiastic will countless communications via email, Facebook and Twitter . Their most pressing question? How the series ends, of course.

It’s remarkable to think that this woman is responsible for simultaneously releasing three series. When asked how often she writes, her answer surprised me “a draft every three months, two at the moment though”.

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I haven’t read this series yet. But I have 5 different people bugging me to read it. Maybe I should. Holy Crow! She writes a draft every three months!?!?! That is just insane.

Have you read the Vampire Academy series? Are you worried that the fourth book might be too different from the other three?