Laura Saltman from Access Hollywood’s “Dish of Salt” finally put up their interview with BooBoo Stewart (video below) who plays Seth Clearwater in “Twilight Saga : Eclipse”.

He first shared with us, that his real name isn’t actually BooBoo,but that it’s a nickname that was given to him by his mother. He said when he was younger,he used to suck his two fingers,and she said he had a booboo face.

He said his real name is Neils or something. I couldn’t quite make out what he said,but he does go by BooBoo instead of his real name. He talked about how funny it is when everyone has to call him BooBoo especially in casting sessions.

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Watch the interview clip:


BooBoo seems like a smart and funny kid. I really love him for the role of Seth Clearwater, he just personifies the happy-go-lucky wolf to a T. 🙂

What do you think of his nickname?