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Over the last twenty years, KNB have worked on a bevy of blockbusters (‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, ‘King Kong’, ‘Men in Black’), and for the new film ‘Surrogates’, the company successfully cloned Bruce Willis! Clint Morris talks to the amiable Berger about his work:

You’re in Queensland now?
I am. I’m on the last day of shooting the actual Dawn Treader for Chronicles of Narnia : Voyage of the Dawn Treader. And it’s going great.

What were you responsible for in Surrogates?
Let’s see, we did a lot of stuff in the movie…. But since I haven’t seen the movie yet, I’m not sure what made it in there and what didn’t. We made robotic versions of the main actors, like Ving Rhames and Bruce Willis. We made up a lot of Surrogates for say, background shots. And some of the surrogates are damaged – say they have a damaged head or something – so we’d come up with damaged versions.
In the film, when you purchase a Surrogate you can customise it – kinda like customising a clone – however you want. Say you want to put spikes all over your head, or say you want to be a lizard-man, or maybe you want to paint yourself all black, like chrome – we’d do those, too.

Do you have to actually spend time on the set?
Yeah, absolutely. There was a very short pre-production period, which seems to be the new thing in Hollywood, so a lot of the time we’re still building things on set.

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This was really a great insight to the new movie ‘Surrogates’ and very interesting what a wonderful career Howard Berger made. Do you also enjoy reading this interview and hear more about ‘Surrogates’?