Intertwined by Gena Showalter
Chapter 8
Written by Katlyn
Eduited by Krystal

Mary Ann arrived at school early the next morning to anxiously wait for Aden. She was shaking with fear and worry about the situation from the day before and spent all night researching paranormal phenomena and werewolves. She was worried about wolf, which in turn lead to guilt that she didn’t care more about Aden. She would have called Dan Reeves to check on him, but his number was unlisted so here she was. She knew she wasn’t crazy, but who could she tell, all her friends would just laugh at her.

Mr. White, the principal, pulled into the parking lot and made his way up the steps to where Mary Ann stood. He offered to for her to come inside until others arrived, but she politely refused; she would stand here until Aden arrived and she learned the truth.

An eternity seemed to pass before others started showing up and even Penny came speeding into the parking lot, unkempt from a long night of talking to Tucker about Mary Ann. Mary Ann was still mad at this new Tucker that took pleasure in others misery and brushed it off. Finally, Shannon appeared at the tree line and Mary Ann went running toward him, despite his maneuvers to avoid her. She asked if Aden was coming and Shannon replied that he was right behind him.

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Memorable Quotes:

Mary Ann: though she’d printed hundreds of pages, she had foun nothing substantiated, both subjects treated as fiction. (Page 133)

Mary Ann: Was the wolf okay? The question had plagued her all night long, which in turn caused guilty to eat away at her. She should care more about Aden. (Page 134)

Mary Ann: He spotted her and his eyes widened, a startling green against the darkness of his skin. Once again, those eyes reminded her of the wolf’s. Her wolf. Oh my God. Could he be her wolf? (Page 136)

Mary Ann: Aden was unlike anyone she’d ever met. His eyes changed color in light, and he was able to disappear in a blink. (Page 137)

Aden: “What if I told you there was an entire world out there you had no idea existed? A world of –” he gulped “–vampires and werewolves, and people with unexplainable abilities?” (Page 140)

Aden: “Not disappear,” he said, stopping her. “You saw him possess someone else’s body.”
Mary Ann: Dear God. Aden could possess other people’s bodies. Just step inside them as if they were an elevator and he needed a ride. She shuddered, fighting the urge to dart away so he couldn’t do such a thing to her. (Page 140)

Questions for discussion:

Why do you think Mary Ann is so accepting of both the wolf and Aden’s abilities? Do you think there’s a specific reason why or is it just her affection for Aden?

Do you think Aden will open up to her more now that she has accepted him for who she is?

Is there anything else you’d like to discuss with the book club?

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