Intertwined by Gena Showalter
Chapter 6
Written by Krystal

Aden waited outside for Shannon after all his tests to determine if he would be allowed to go Crossroads. Surprisingly, the voices had helped him with his tests and he had passed with flying colors. Now he was smiling as a girl walked by, with glittery skin like that of the old lady in the supercenter. He was so happy that the souls decided that they would be willing to endure the black hole in return for the chance to help Aden.

The bell sounded and the students began to file out of Crossroads. When Shannon sneaked up behind him Aden realized that there were in fact more than one exit and there was no way he could spot Mary Ann now. Shannon wanted a truce between the two of them, you watch my back and I’ll watch yours, and Aden was thrilled. Just then Mary Ann came rushing out to hand Shannon his syllabus.

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Memorable Quotes:

Eve: You want to attend this school, Eve said, and we want you to be happy. Of course we helped you. (Page 95)

Aden: He’d more than passed. He’d excelled. (Page 96)

Aden: “Feels great. But, uh, maybe we could try the quiet thing more often,” Aden suggested.
All four laughed as if he’d just told a joke about Caleb getting hot. (Page 96)

Mary Ann: “That’s wonder – Your eyes,” she said, blinking up at him. “They’re blue. But I thought they were black. Or rather, lots of colors then black. Not one solid color.” (Page 98)

Aden: “He’s shy,” Aden said to excuse the dreg. (Page 100)

Aden: In the end, he opted for the truth. “I’m not trying to score or anything, I swear. Besides Shannon, you’re the only person I know at this school and I could really use a friend.” (Page 100-101)

Mary Ann: “I don’t know. Like I’m being pummeled by a freak wind and my skin is crawling, and I know that’s a horrible thing to say, and I’m so sorry. I really am. But then when that sensation finally fades, I have the weirdest desire to first hug you like you’re my brother or something and then –”
Aden: “Run,” he finished for her. It was possible. They had the same reaction to each other. (Page 101)

Tucker: Tucker’s iron-gaze flicked to Aden’s shirt and the insulting words scribbled there. He chuckled, “Cute.” (Page 102)

Questions for discussion:

Who do you think could be the werewolf? Is it anyone that Aden or Mary Ann know?

Why do you think that the wolf is stalking Mary Ann and why does he want to know more about Aden?

Is there anything else in this chapter that you want to discuss with the book club?

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