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Chapters 17-25

Mary Ann discovers what Aden was like while a patient of her fathers, from her father’s journal.

Morris writes that he was drawn to take a position in the institution after being drawn to Aden with great intensity. Aden was a loaner, and seemed happiest in shadows, but Morris saw longing in his eyes to fit in. Aden was assaulted by a fellow patient who stated that he wanted him to disappear. At a young age, Aden was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Morris looked through his file to discover that he had been accused of escaping locked rooms, and mysteriously reappeared in rooms he would not have had access to. Everyone believed him to be skilled at picking locks. Morris remembers having observed the same behavior in his wife. In the next session, he noticed that Aden seemed older than what he was. Aden told him about four souls living inside of him. Morris tried to dismiss his claim, but found himself intrigued with Eve and her similarities with his wife. Morris regretted ever going to work at the institution, now that thoughts of his former wife plague his mind, affecting his relationship with his new wife.

Mary Ann stops reading, questioning whether the woman she believed to be her mother is her birth mother. Later on, she and her father argue about Aden. He feels that Aden is dangerous, and wants her to stop hanging out with him. He threatens to send him away, before promising not to, if she promises to stop spending

time with him. Before she can respond, Riley arrives to walk her to school.

Aden wonders why Victoria, Mary Ann and Riley are not at school. He longs to ditch as well, but thinks better of it. While in class, John O’Conner, a ghost, appears next to him asking him if he spoke to a girl named, Chloe. Aden asks John if he had a superpower when he lived. John replied that he did not, but that he could sense people’s emotions because he was too sensitive. Aden realizes him to be an empath.

John implores Aden to talk to Chloe for him, and he promises that he will. John tells him to tell her that he loved her. He explains that he asked her out on a dare. Chloe overheard his friends teasing, and wanted nothing to do with him. He could feel her pain so strongly that he did something stupid…and here he is. Aden asks him if he could get him a bottle of nail polish, and John agrees. On the way to find Chloe, Aden gets into a fight with Tucker. He realizes Tucker has supernatural powers, when he teleported them both to an alleyway outside of the school. Victoria appears, and manipulates the growing crowd into believing that they saw a tall blond stranger assault Tucker.

John appears with a bottle of nail polish, and implores Aden to find Chloe. He finds her in the cafeteria with her friends, and asks her if they can speak alone. He tells her that he and John were friends, and that John loved her, but she is outraged, believing him cruel. As she turns to leave, Aden reveals that he doesn’t really know John, but that he has an ability to speak to the dead. John tells him to tell her that he meant what he told her when he said he would run away with her. He intended to give her his grandmothers’ ring, and hid it in the glove box of her car to surprise her. Chloe cries, willing Aden to leave her alone, but a beam of light hits John, outlining his silhouette. Chloe reaches out, calling John’s name. Aden asks her what she would say to him if she could, and she says that she believed John told her the truth when she found the ring. John thanked her, before disappearing. Chloe’s friends gather around to console her, while Aden wonders if he will ever see John again. Victoria arrives, and they drive off, Aden suspicious that his day is about to take a turn for the worst.

Victoria reveals that she ‘borrowed’ a car so that they could meet Mary Ann and Riley in Tri City.

Aden asks her about the man at his window the other night, who heard her tell him to leave her alone. She explains that she did not want to do it, but if she hadn’t, they would have been subjected to punishment from her father. She further explained that the man’s name is Dmitri, and that he’s never hurt her physically. Aden ponders on his feelings for her. He realizes that he loves her.

Victoria tells him that she hasn’t been able to get visions of him dying out of her mind. Aden asks if he can be changed into a vampire. She explains that most times, humans die when a vampire attempts to change them. Vampires can only be born form a vampiric mother. Upon arriving at their destination, Aden surprises Victoria with the nail polish, and she loves it.


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“…I had felt drawn to this institution with the same intensity they were drawn to drawn to the boy” (305, Chapter 17).

“Hey, Chlo. God, I miss you” (332, Chapter 18).

“Tell your friends to stop going out after dusk. The missing persons count is about to sky-rocket. The death toll, as well” (343, Chapter 19).

“The more time I spent with Anne, the more I realized she was a bit unusual…She would claim that she had traveled into a younger version of herself” (359, Chapter 20).

“What if I did indeed draw you into my head the day of my birth? We agree you’re human souls without bodies of your own. What if you’re actually ghosts? What if you died the day of my birth, in the hospital I was in? What if you, Eve, really are Mary Ann’s–… And there it was. Out in the open. Eve might very well be Mary Ann’s mother.” (383, Chapter 21)

“I love you, Mary Ann…This isn’t Aden’s doing. It’s mine. My time to go. I was granted my final wish, and now it’s someone else’s turn so that Aden can have the peace he’s always wanted. The peace he deserves.” (Chapter 22, 397).

“We will call a meeting in one week’s time, when our elders arrive. You will attend that meeting, human. If you fail to do so, the people in this circle will die. Doubt me not.” (Chapter 23, 409)

“I’m saying his decision to allow your human scum to live was wrong. I’m saying he should have had better control of you, for he who cannot control his own daughter has no business reigning over an entire race of vampires. I’m saying…he’s dead. Dead by my hand this very morning.” (Chapter 25, 431)

“The vampires were now bowing in his direction…’With the death of my father, Dmitri was indeed king. But you just killed Dmitri, which means…'” (Chapter 25, 436)


Why do you think each group of creatures, aside from the witches, are drawn to him?

Who else do you believe Aden will draw to him in future novels?

If you were Aden, would you have felt relief at the thought of the souls leaving?

What do you think is the significance of the souls in Aden’s mind being ghosts, instead of originating with him?

What do you think of Eve’s discovery that she is Mary Ann’s mother?

What do you suppose the connection is between Caleb and the witch?

Do you believe that Tucker will play a huge part in future plot lines, as he is still a demon?

What do you think of Aden being the king of the vampires? Good ending for book one..not too sure?